Patreon Of The Month – Jason Wilkerson, Adventurer Under Grace

The Stats

Name: Jason Wilkerson
Age: 28
Location: Anaheim, California, USA


Why did you choose to become a Patreon of GUG?
As a geek and a Christian, I’ve received pushback from people of those respective groups that say I can’t be one or the other. Christians have told me I shouldn’t be a geek. Geeks have told me I shouldn’t be a Christian. There’s a powerful isolation that comes from that supposed dichotomy. Geeks Under Grace is a beacon for people like us who find themselves alone between two worlds, and I’m proud to be a small supporter of that. Also, while discussing Star Citizen on the Geeks Under Grace Podcast, Cody joked he would draw a picture of a spaceship for the next person who signed up on Patreon, and I figured someone had to hold him to it. It was a very awesome spaceship.
How has GUG impacted your life?
I am in constant awe of the reviews, bible studies, and podcast conversations that pull something spiritually relevant out of non-spiritual content. My favorite example is when Joe Morgan talked about the ending of The Last of Us. Essentially, (without too many spoilers), he explained how the main character’s actions compare to that of our own God, and how significant what God did for us is.
How did you become a Christian?
I was born in a Christian home. My mother took me to church every Sunday morning. I became a Christian when I was nine. It felt like the obvious thing to do. During high school, however, I became disenchanted with going to church due to my inability to fit in, and I stopped going to services for a while after that. It wasn’t until I joined the military that God pulled me back into church. He used the struggles I was going through during that time to draw me closer. Because of that, I was able to find a church with like-minded Christian individuals that have now become my closest friends.
What’s your favorite geek activity?
I’m a video game nerd first and foremost. I might have taken an unusual route through the consoles (Atari, NES, Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS3, PC/PS4), but I still consider myself a gamer at heart. Dungeons and Dragons has been a new pastime for me since the release of 5th edition. Almost all my characters have a spiritual aspect to them. My favorite character is a Tiefling Warlock named Rhodol Redfang. A Tiefling is someone born with demon blood, has red skin and horns, and they have a bad reputation for being evil. Rhodol became a mercenary at a young age and killed many innocent people. He one day became sick with his deeds and prayed for forgiveness for his atrocities. He was then visited by an angel who took away his demon horns and gave him holy powers. His new purpose in life is to destroy evil wherever it may be.
If you had to choose a fictional character to compare yourself to, who would it be and why?
This might be a cheating answer, but I would have to say the Doctor. This comparison came from an old friend of mine. She said I’ve changed so much since before my time in the military, it was like I went through a regeneration. Apparently, I was like the 9th Doctor before, and the 10th after. As a Christian, I believe we all need to go through a regeneration in our life. Or perhaps a couple, like me.

Lexi Tucker

Lexi Tucker wishes she had a more exciting story to tell about being saved, but she's been a Christian literally her whole life. She's a graduate of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Calif. with a bachelor's degree in English and minor in Asian Pacific Studies with a certificate in Journalism. She likes anime, manga, handheld games, cats, and boba.

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