Life is always better played in Co-Op. We believe your unique skills, talents and even interests can play a huge role in changing the lives and eternities of those around you.

Writers Team


Write or edit pop-culture reviews, articles, Bible Studies and more that are published right here on our website. Our vibrant team of volunteers help eachother to grow and hone their craft while reaching geeks with Jesus.

• Editors - Edit multiple articles a week for grammar and flow within a given department, helping our writers to grow in the process before publishing them on the website.

• Bible Studies - Author creative and original Bible Studies that merge faith with geek culture using our Bible Study format.

• Reviewers - Thouroughly review and critique media from one of our many geek centric departments in written form. (Videogames, Tabletop, Books, Movies, Music and TV) [Tabletop Currently Full]

• Contributors - A non-commital written oppertunity to publish connections you've found between faith and pop-culture.



• Moderator - Join us at 7Pm CST on Tuesdays to help keep the chat safe, inviting and active during our live streams during a scheduled shift as we work to not only grow the community but help lead people to be closer to Jesus.

• Twitch Streamer - Utilize your technology, skills, and personality to bring Twitch Streams to life on Tuesdays by playing videogames in an entertaining way that reflects our faith to those who may not see Jesus otherwise.



From thoughtful discussions on faith to silly memes about our favorite anime, Discord is where our community comes together. Become a moderator or a small group leader and help keep our space from having too much, well, discord!

• Moderators - Help create a welcoming, positive and safe enviroment within our Discord community and answer questions about the organization as they arise. (Currently Full)

• Small Group Leaders - Utilize the voice chats on our Discord and the studies published on our website to intentionally invest spiritually in the lives of others, helping them to encourage and grow.



Help us spread our message of love for people and pop-culture through the digital communication of social media. Whether you're a photoshop wizard, or just know how to hit "post," there is a place for you here.

• Graphich Designer - Use your photoshopping skills to help reach geeks where they are, in the ever growing world of social media.

• Video Content Creators- Create videos for reels on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube Reels.

• Virtual Photographers - Create stunning shots in videogames that can help communicate our messages of positivity to the geek realm on social media.

• Social Media Teams - Help us get posts up in a timeley manner on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

• Moderators - Guide group engagment and cultivate a welcoming, positive and safe enviroment within our Facbook Community Group and answer questions about the organization as they arise. (Currently Full)


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"Connecting with others that share the same hobbies and beliefs is my favorite part about serving with GUG" - LJ Lowery

"Geeks Under Grace has not only been a great community to be a part of, but it’s also been an amazing blessing that has led to opportunities I would have never expected! I’m so glad I stepped out in faith! If this is a place you’d like to work in, join us - you won’t regret it!" -Danny Andrade

“My time with GUG has been a blast! I’ve gotten to experience media I never would have touched on my own, and it’s challenged me to think more critically about media not only as a Christian, but as a person as a whole. GUG has a passion for engaging culture holistically, but with a Christian focus, and it’s a much-needed ministry." -Wesley Lantz