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Can Gamers Go To Heaven?

By Tyler Hummel | March 3, 2024

Reflecting on Carlo Acutis’s life prompts Christian gamers to contemplate their privilege and the spiritual implications of their gaming habits.

The Mosaic of the Church

By Morgue | January 3, 2024

We are all contributing to a divine work where glimpses of a finished masterpiece emerge through love and community.

Do Not Fear: Rediscovering True Christian Love

By Morgue | October 27, 2023

Unmask “Christian clickbait” and discover how perfect love, not fear, should lead your faith journey.

Faith Over Fear

By GUG Contributor | October 24, 2023

Don’t focus on the world. Don’t doubt who and what you are in Christ Jesus. Be a hero.

Breaking Free of ‘Flesh-absorption’

By GUG Contributor | September 22, 2023

Just as Eren’s transformation mirrors our initial melding with the flesh and his defensive reaction to love echoes our resistance to divine guidance, the Titans symbolize the dangers of self-absorption and the consequences of yielding to fleshly desires.

Blood and Faith

By Morgue | September 3, 2023

You are not cargo. You are the captain of this ship, and good in the eyes of God.


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