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Breaking Free of ‘Flesh-absorption’

By GUG Contributor | September 22, 2023

Just as Eren’s transformation mirrors our initial melding with the flesh and his defensive reaction to love echoes our resistance to divine guidance, the Titans symbolize the dangers of self-absorption and the consequences of yielding to fleshly desires.

Blood and Faith

By Morgue | September 3, 2023

You are not cargo. You are the captain of this ship, and good in the eyes of God.

From Atheist to Believer: God Speaks in Pixels

By GUG Contributor | August 19, 2023
Pokeball on Pokemon cards

My journey, rooted in the unexpected convergence of childhood fascination and spiritual exploration, stands as a testament to how life’s threads intertwine.

Clearly Christian, Part 6: Are Christians Judgmental?

By GUG Contributor | July 28, 2023
A gavel sits on a table

How do we begin to curb the view that Christians are judgmental? It begins with a right view of Law & Gospel.

Fixing the World

By Morgue | July 20, 2023
Person holding a globe

Fixing the world is a grand task, but never underestimate the momentum a single step in the right direction can create.

A Purpose-Filled Life Vs. An Epic Life

By Morgue | July 9, 2023
A pencil and eraser next to a paper with a question mark

Whether opening a taco truck or becoming a self-help guru, we are all connected in God’s plan.


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