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Sayaka Murata and the Idea of “Normal”

By Courtney Floyd | March 23, 2023

Sayaka Murata’s bizarre works seem bent on addressing societal pressures and the idea of normal. How does that relate to Christians?

Pascal’s God-Shaped Hole and the Geek

By August Dittbenner | March 11, 2023

As Christians, we know our identity and hope rests in Christ alone. But do we try to fill the hole within us with other things?

Clearly Christian, Part 4: Our Modern Gnosticism

By GUG Contributor | January 6, 2023
A man stands on the beach with arms out during sunset

Through the Scriptures, we see that to be human is not to be a soul that inhabits a body, or a soul imprisoned by human flesh, but that to be human is to be both body and soul.

Clearly Christian, Part 3: Is Christianity About Being a Good Person?

By GUG Contributor | November 16, 2022
An older girl holds an umbrella over a younger girl.

Why do Christians do good works? Not to earn our way into Heaven, but simply because our neighbor needs them.

Why Do We Game? – One Man’s Perspective

By GUG Contributor | November 12, 2022
A blue and purple Xbox controller

I gamed so much because it was all I knew at the time. I didn’t know there was something better until I went searching for it.

Clearly Christian, Part 2: The World Wide Web of Confusion

By GUG Contributor | October 18, 2022

The goal of this second part in this series is to help you traverse the digital roads of the Internet while remaining a faithful Christian.


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