We want to make an impact on your life and in our community.

Jesus used the power of story to bring people closer to Him. This idea is the cornerstone behind who we are.

The Mission

We are bridging the gap between the church and pop culture.

EDUCATE Christians on how to safely consume pop culture from our worldview.

EVANGELIZE geeks with the message of the Gospel by building bridges between Jesus and the geek community.

EQUIP Christians and churches to reach geeks with the Gospel.

ENCOURAGE Christians as they grow into a deeper relationship with Christ.

Board of Directors

L.J. Lowery
President, Podcast Producer
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Shawn Bain
Vice President, Marketing Director
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Colby Bryant
Treasurer, Bible Studies Director
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Lexi Tucker
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Maurice Pogue
Senior Gaming Editor
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Derek Thompson
Webmaster, Tabletop PR
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Serena Bond
Music Writer
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Cody Armour
Executive Director
Shelley Waltar
Board Advisor


Stephen Hall
Tabletop Editor
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Juliana Purnell
Movies Editor
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Christina Graham
Christian Living Editor
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Michael Mendis
Associate Gaming Editor
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Diamond Kelley
Anime Editor
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Malachi Key
Associate Gaming Editor