25 Beautifully Geeky Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts

That annual hunt for that perfect “ugly” Christmas sweater is about to be underway. Amidst the droves of people flocking to their favorite retail stores to pick up all of the gifts for their loved ones, we could find ourselves scouring the shelves through a slim selection of sweaters. But we have to have that great shirt that everyone else will be envious of at this year’s Christmas party, and we would not dare be seen wearing the one we wore last year, so we find ourselves pushing on through the crowds anyway.
But maybe it doesn’t have to be that way.
We geeks typically stand out in a crowd because we aren’t afraid to wear clothing displaying our favorite franchises. When everyone else is wearing reindeer and Santa Clauses on their sweaters, and a Spider-Man sweater goes by, it’s the web-head that typically draws people’s eyes. And like we pointed out last year in 11 Beautifully Geeky Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts, the struggle for a Christian geek is even more prominent.
So how do we best manage our shopping and wind up with that great sweater that everyone will love? This article will hopefully help you accomplish that. Online shopping isn’t exactly a new endeavor, especially for geeks, but scouring multiple websites and many tacky designs can be laborious. Fortunately for you, we took care of that part. With the holiday season fast approaching, and the various shipping companies over-encumbered, you’ll want to order quickly to get your sweater on time.
I’ll note the same things from last year’s article, for those that didn’t read it, along with one extra note:
  1. Most of these are actually sweatshirts that look like “ugly sweaters” since actual sweaters with geeky characters are nearly impossible to find.
  2. These are specialty items, so most of them are a little pricy.
  3. Some of these categories have more than one design.
  4. Most of these shirts are unisex in nature, but are listed as men’s sizes.
  5. I did not use any designs from last year’s article for a fresh experience, but you can still pick most of last year’s design by clicking here and looking through that article. (Some designs may no longer be available.)
For any of these designs that you like, simply click the picture and make the purchase on the site you come to.

Star Wars

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It’s a good year for Star Wars fans! The new movie means merchandising goes through the roof! Christmas sweaters and sweatshirts are no exception. There are a ton of great new designs that will undoubtedly spark a great conversation about the new movie with a fellow fan. Darth Vader even picked up his favorite!

Jurassic World


A dinosaur skeleton in a Santa hat. What’s not to love? The little skull fossils that line the top give it a nice little extra touch as well.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles



The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been franchising giants since the show debuted in the 80s. You’re sure to find a fellow TMNT fan at your party this year with one of these bad boys.

Doctor Who


Beware of the Daleks! They took a break from universal domination to accompany you to your Christmas party this year. “What use are emotions if you will not save the woman you love?”

The Legend of Zelda

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As a long time fan of The Legend of Zelda, my searches for merchandise from this franchise have been frustrating. With such a huge fanbase, you would expect to have a large variety, but sadly this isn’t usually so. This year is different. I am beyond excited to include these in this year’s article!



Deadpool. Tacos. Christmas. ‘Nuff said.


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Yes we know Zelda is Nintendo, and Sonic wasn’t originally Nintendo, but these awesome sweaters and sweatshirts had to be included! Mario, Sonic, or Pikachu–these gaming icons are sure to be known by most people at your party. Some cool moms might even be able to identify them!

Street Fighter


Ryu faces off against Ken in a wintery showdown! This knitted sweater has a killer design. Yuletideken! (You know as in Hadouken? No? I’ll just see myself out.)

DC Comics

11 Green-Lantern-Xmas-Jumper1 20

“Holy night, Batman! You have a Christmas shirt!” These great shirts will draw the attention of all of your DC fan friends. You may be able to settle the debate of who will win in the upcoming movie Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice over eggnog.

Assassin’s Creed


Be wary of any Templars at your party wearing this one around, but your fellow assassins will love it!


8 9

Is that Oscar the Grinch, and Optimus Thyme? Bad jokes out of the way, most of us grew up with these two on our televisions, and there are sure to be more at your get-together that will remember them too.


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As a Christian, you will either find this offensive, or love it. If you find it offensive we’re sorry, but know some of us will wear it and it will open conversations about Jesus. As a Christian site, we had to include this one, and for good reason! It’s festive and it shows what we truly celebrate this season!
So now you have a healthy array of choices for your Ugly Sweater Party this year, and you’re sure to stand out in any of these sweaters. If you buy one of the sweaters/sweatshirts, let us know! Share a selfie of you wearing it on our wall, or in our community on Facebook. We hope you enjoy your purchase either way.

Merry Christmas from Geeks Under Grace!

Shawn Bain

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