Shawn Bain

Shawn is the Vice President of Geeks Under Grace and director of marketing. He has played video games since he was 2 years old and has immersed himself deep within the geek culture. Writing short stories and releasing them for free to the public began his writing journey, and now he uses what he has learned along the way to help Christians benefit from geek culture. Out of his desire to serve Christ, he also founded DUDEronomy and continues to write short stories that entertain and give perspective into the life of a Christian. Shawn's hope is that his life would exemplify a follower of Christ and lead people to accept salvation through His grace. He wants to be a good father, husband, son, and friend to those around him.

Review: The Story Peddler

By Shawn Bain / March 30, 2020 /

Tanwen uses magic to turn her stories into crystal trinkets she can peddle for a profit. When one of her stories reveals a dark truth, she has to stay out of the king’s grasp.

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The Harming Perception of the Overly-Critical Christian

By Shawn Bain / May 3, 2018 /

We Christians have had a way of harming how the world outside perceives us for many years. And not in the “we are not of the world so it hates us” way that John 15:19 states. We’ve claimed many new things are from the Devil out of ignorance, made cheesy attempts at entertainment to make…

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Counter Argument: The Bible is an Outdated Book

By Shawn Bain / June 16, 2017 /

A point often presented by critics of Christianity is this: The Bible was written thousands of years ago. It’s antiquated and irrelevant. The implication here is times have changed, we’re much smarter and more sophisticated now, so the lessons presented in the Bible are no longer valid at most or replaced by more advanced lessons…

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Why Did Jesus Have to Die – Why Can’t God Just Forgive?

By Shawn Bain / May 14, 2017 /

There are a number of recurring questions Christians get asked by their unbelieving or faith-exploring friends. If God exists, why is there evil in the world? Why was the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden? What proof do you have that Jesus existed? (Fortunately, I’ve explored a couple of these questions. I’ve linked the…

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Should Christians Play Dungeons & Dragons?

By Shawn Bain / February 16, 2017 /

  Shortly after its release in the 1970s, Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) became a figure of criticism—nowhere more so than in Christian circles. The game has been accused of summoning demons, leading to the occult, and even driving teens to suicide. So it is completely understandable that God’s people would naturally want to oppose it.…

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