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Marketing and Government student at the College of William & Mary. Video Games and Movies writer. Enjoys Jesus, writing, and all things geek.

Review: The Fate of The Furious

By Francis King Jr / April 27, 2017 /

Distributor: Universal Pictures Director: F.Gary Gray Writers: Chris Morgan, Gary Scott Thompson Starring: Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Charlize Theron, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodrigez Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Drama, Thriller & Suspense Rating: PG-13 The world of The Fate of the Furious is a curious one. In it, one car’s engine can overpower four others’,  a magic plane can find anyone in…

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Review: The Great Wall

By Francis King Jr / February 28, 2017 /

Distributor: Universal Pictures/China Film Group Director: Zhang Yimou Writer: Carlo Bernard, Doug Miro, Tony Gilroy Stars: Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, Jing Tian, Willem Dafoe Genre: Fantasy/Action Rating: PG-13 Constructed over several hundreds years and spanning over 5,500 miles long, the Great Wall of China was and still is a marvel of human engineering. What could have demanded so much in the…

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Lost in London Live

By Francis King Jr / January 18, 2017 /

This Thursday, Woody Harrelson (the truest detective, soon to be part of the Star Wars universe) is going to trying something that’s never been attempted before. Along with pals Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson, Harrelson will be filming a feature-length movie and live-streaming using a service like go live Perth. This is Lost In London…

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Review: Live by Night

By Francis King Jr / January 16, 2017 /

Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures Director: Ben Affleck Writer: Ben Affleck Stars: Ben Affleck, Chris Messina, Elle Fanning, Sienna Miller, Zoe Saldana Genre: Crime/Drama Rating: R While we’re all waiting for Ben Affleck to finish the project we really want to see (WHERE’S BATMAN BEN?), he’s been working diligently on another film since 2012. Based on a novel…

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Three Reasons You Should Play Titanfall 2

By Francis King Jr / January 9, 2017 /

I love Titanfall 2, and I’m going to spend the next thousand words or so telling you why that is in the hopes that you’ll buy it and show support for these types of efforts from the industry. A couple things to get out of the way first: 1) This is not a review. Reviews require professionalism…

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