Side Quests of Christianity: Being a True Champion

If there is one thing gamers either love or hate, it’s side quests. Some see these little excursions as exciting snippets where they can learn side stories and get extra loot, while others see them as distractions from the main quest and would rather not bother with them at all.
One particular side quest caught my attention in Breath of the Wild. After you defeat the Divine beast Vah Ruta, you are given the opportunity to help a male Zora named Fronk who has lost his wife in the chaos. After agreeing to help, Fronk expresses his surprise by exclaiming, “Link… You saved Zora’s Domain, and now you’re going to help me find my Mei as well? You are a true Champion!” As I thought about it, his shock and praise was not out of place. Link is the Champion of Hyrule, The Hero of Time, and the only hope for Princess Zelda… and the world for that matter. What business does he have performing a small search and rescue mission?
But nonetheless, Link preforms this duty and many others for the everyday people in Hyrule. He neither sees them as unworthy or himself as above helping them. As Christians, we can learn a lesson from Link. Christians often have grand ideas of how they can impact the world. Churches try to attract the greatest number of people. Christians go on mission trips and run food drives to help mass numbers of people, but through these actions that minister to the masses, how many individuals slip through the cracks?
Ministry to large groups is a wonderful thing and should not be given up. Where would Hyrule be if Link didn’t defeat Ganon eventually? But we should also not ignore the individuals and the small tasks, the side quests. If Link ignored all the people asking for help, there would be lost people and cuccos wandering all over Hyrule!
God will often place small things in our lives to show his love everyday. Perhaps you help the single mom load her groceries into her car at the supermarket. You might say a kind word to a coworker having a particularly rough day. It could even be the simple act of not complaining about a task you are asked to do. Through all these small, seemingly insignificant acts of grace, we show our hearts. We demonstrate how Christ is working in us, and, as much as we might think little of what we do, our actions do not go unnoticed.
Link showed he was a “true Champion” by helping someone with the small task of swimming downstream and finding his wife. As Christians, we show our true hearts by putting others first and completing the small side quests God places in front of us each day.
“By this all people will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35

Christina Graham

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  1. Tyler Grodrian on August 30, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    I actually had someone today at work try to discourage me from doing what I could to help others because he thought it was a waste of time. Reflecting on it now, I wish I would have had the mental clarity to have used it as a “teaching moment,” particularly because this person sort of straddles the lines of belief/disbelief. It might have made an impact on him. Thanks for this article!

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