Sydney Stoddard

In love with people, words, and justice, Sydney Stoddard is a jack-of-all-trades writer out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Sydney is an English major at UNLV, studying literature, writing, and storytelling. In her spare time, you can find her meeting friends, writing about anything and everything, managing websites and advocating for anti-trafficking organizations. You can check out more of her writing at:

Review – Monster Camp

By Sydney Stoddard / April 28, 2021 /

Monster Camp is the sequel to the much-adored Monster Prom, a hilarious dating sim where the goal is to win your summer love’s heart before the meteor shower. You, and up to three friends, are given a few turns to grow your go on wild adventures to hopefully not get rejected by the monster of your choosing.

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Review – West of Loathing (PC)

By Sydney Stoddard / March 2, 2021 /

Take every back way, explore every avenue, talk to every person, stick your hands in every spittoon because you will not regret a second of it- if you have a lively sense of humor, that is.

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Review: Death Road to Canada

By Sydney Stoddard / January 29, 2021 /

It’s you, a minivan, and pixelated zombies in Death Road to Canada, a game that dares you and your friends to survive the deadly drive up north.

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Review – Sally Face (PC)

By Sydney Stoddard / December 18, 2020 /

Sally Face is Stranger Things, the game, as you slowly discover the dark secrets of the world around you via a cast of layered and flawed characters.

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Review – Darkwood

By Sydney Stoddard / November 24, 2020 /

Darkwood will make your heart race and your hair stand on end, but not because it’s trying to, but because it makes you care and forces you to pay attention to every single detail of these horrifyingly complex woods. 

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