Preview – Outriders: Worldslayer

Ereshkigal promises to be a powerful new big bad.

Last year, the fine folks at People Can Fly and Square Enix released Outriders, a game I found to be a fun, addictive third-person looter shooter. After 150 hours with the game, I earned the platinum trophy and had a blast the whole time. As such, I was ecstatic when Square Enix reached out for the opportunity to get early hands-on time with their upcoming DLC, Worldslayer.

Welcome to the frozen wastes

Worldslayer is going to be a rich, fully-featured expansion. It will come with the base game, promising newcomers a TON of content to enjoy. This isn’t just a couple of hours of post-game DLC. There will be a whole new campaign with a big change of scenery and a new villain—an Altered named Ereshkigal. Where the base game took place in verdant land with warmer climates, Worldslayer will take us to frozen wastes even the wildlife on Enoch will have difficulty adapting to.

Worldslayer will bring a whole slew of new loot to collect.

On top of a whole new campaign (which you can either play with an existing end-game character or boost a character to play), there will be new expeditions (think high-level stages with the chance of rare loot like strikes in Destiny), new weapons and armor, and new ways to build out your character for sustained long-term progress.

Expect plenty of menacing new foes to go toe to toe with.

First, there will be the PAX skill tree, which offers further customization options for your warrior after hitting level 30. On top of that, you’ll be able to earn up to 200 “Ascension points” for permanent upgrades to your characters’ stats. They’re promising it will take hundreds of hours to fully ascend a character, too.

In the original game, there were “world tiers” which increased the difficulty, the experience you earned, and potential loot as it increased. With Worldslayer, world tiers are being replaced for “Apocalypse Tiers,” which will go up to level 40. Everyone with Outriders will be able to enjoy this new feature, even if they don’t own Worldslayer.

After about an hour of time with the early build of Worldslayer, I have to admit I’m excited for more time in Enoch with what they’re bringing to the table. With a whole new campaign, new gear to collect, and a deep end-game experience, I can’t wait to pour more time into exploring the world of Enoch. It’ll be fun to see my enemies crumble as my hero continues to become more powerful. Whether you’re new to the game or a grizzled veteran, I look forward to fighting alongside you as we face Ereshkigal and her forces when Worldslayer launches June 30th, 2022.

Preview hands-on time with Outriders Worldslayer graciously provided by Square Enix

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