Preview – Dreams

I am always unsure of free-form creative games. There is this feeling of being overwhelmed by so much potential, so much freedom that I do not know where to start. So far, this is what Dreams is excelling at. From the get go, the game told me that no matter what I do, I will be great at it. It even guided me through a literal wall and had me tear it down to show how it was all part of the creative process. As I got deeper into the introduction, the more encouragement I received to pursue whatever creative avenue I wished. 

Even if I want to just experience what other players have created, I was reassured that it was totally okay to do so; which is exactly what I did. Instead of talking about the content of Dreams as whole, I will highlight three different creations I experienced to showcase the potential this game has. The first of plays was Bowling with Guns. In this game, I played bowling except I shot the pins with a pistol. It was pretty self-explanatory. As goofy as some of the physics were, I had a fun time with it. I found it pretty humorous when I was told by the game I had some huge feet when entering my fictional bowling shoe size of 78. I think this game is worth checking out.

My next adventure was a walking simulator/exploration game called The Hidden Treasure. I do not believe it is finished yet, but it is still a beautiful experience. The opening view looked to have been painted by Bob Ross himself. As I explored the ancient ruins, searching for that promised treasure, I found myself desiring more from this creation. I do not say this out of dissatisfaction, but out of hunger for more beautiful ruins to explore so I can find whatever relic is at the end. Thankfully, there are five sections finished. While short, they still brought out a sense of wonder from inside me. I highly recommend this dream.

The last dream I want to tell you about is Purple People Eater. As you should be able to tell from title alone, this creation is based on the song of the same name. Just like the song say, I flew around as a one eyed, one horned, flying, purple people eater. As I ate skydivers, I would earn my barf ability that I used to upchuck on pesky helicopters. Every ten citizens I consumed, would enlarge me and in doing so increase the difficulty. All of this was well and fun, but the problem it had was its controls and how it played in a 2.5D space. I had issues re-orientating myself on almost every occasion, but I still enjoyed myself. If the controls were better, the novelty of it would not have been so quick wear off. I do not recommend this game, but if you find this sort of silliness to be up your alley go for it.

There are tons of things to experience in Dreams. No matter what you are into, there is almost a guarantee that someone else is too and has made it. If they have not, you can step up to the plate, make it yourself and hope they jump on-board with you. Dream it, build it, remake it, do whatever. What matters is that dreams are meant to be pursued, and that is okay.

Andrew Feistner

Jesus, Memes, and Streams. What else is there to say? You aren't here for this part, you want the stuff above this.

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