E3 2017: Sony PlayStation

With the big boys already out of the blocks in terms of console releases, it was always going to be interesting to see what the front-runners came up with for their E3 showing. Sony’s E3 presentation was cinematic to say the least; game footage interspersed with live-action and movie set special effects. The line up of games, most of which are slated for 2018, shows promise but hints at a company that are hoping for sales of their newer hardware to increase this holiday season in preparation for their new games.
The floor was opened up to focus on the first few titles—a glorious showcasing of the latest DLC for the Uncharted franchise, The Lost Legacy, where you play as Chloe Foster as opposed to our longstanding hero Nathan Drake.  Alongside this was DLC for Horizon: Zero Dawn  that fans called “The Frozen Wilds,” and a showcasing of a new title expected in December. Days Gone looks like a merging between The Last of Us and The Walking Dead, set in a post-apocalyptic world with elements of zombie-like enemies; the protagonist is seen using stealth tactics to break in and rescue a friend from captivity.






 Enter Shawn Layden, Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide’s chairman, stressing that this conference is “all about the games” while highlighting the advances made in storytelling and technology in the forms of the PlayStation 4 Pro and the PlayStation VR, both of which will feature heavily in the upcoming marketing campaigns.
Next up is Capcom with a stunningly beautiful trailer for Monster Hunter World, showing off some of the key stealth mechanics as well a plethora of beasts ripe for capture before finally sitting down for roast Dino drumstick! Following this is a surprise entry for some as Bluepoint Games showcase their trailer for a Shadow of the Colossus remake before being brought back into predictability with a new Call of Duty game, an exclusive DLC venture between Sony and Activision that will hopefully set a precedence for future ventures in the franchise.  

PlayStation VR has been a relatively popular addition to the family, but now Sony are unveiling the big guns in the form of more exclusive titles that take full advantage of the technology as well as porting existing games to help build a library with enough depth to tempt more casual consumers. Starting with Skyrim (again) before moving onto Playful / Gametrusts offering Star Child, a SciFi themed 2.5D puzzle platformer and Supermassive’s horror game The Inpatient set inside a psychiatric hospital.  The next game on show for PlayStation VR was Bravo Team, an FPS shooter made by the same development team behind The Inpatient, Hidden Agenda and Until Dawn.



For those Square Enix fans, we got a look at Monster of the Deep, which essentially is a Final Fantasy XV fishing simulator and an adorable fantasy game called Moss. Made by former Bungie developers, you take on the role of a small mouse as he embarks on an epic adventure of miniature proportions.

As always though, the best stuff is kept in the back. The next 3 games making up what is essentially the bulk of Sony’s war chest for 2017/2018. First, we are treated to footage from Son of War (Sorry… God of War… and Son), the latest adventure for Kratos sees him working alongside his son as he tackles foes both big and small.  Then a new IP is shown in the guise of Detroit: Become Human, an almost shinier version of a Blade Runner-esque universe where androids begin to rise up against their human owners. The trailer boasts an innovative choice system where your actions have immediate and long-term consequences for your own individual gaming experience. Finally, before the big reveal, Bungie show off their trailer for Destiny 2 with the tag lines of “In Our Darkest Hour” and “New Legends Will Rise,” accompanied with PlayStation-exclusive maps, weapons, and missions to ensure that the most complete experience is on PS4.



After all that, we are treated to a second outing from Shawn Layden, introducing the game he feels everyone has been waiting for.: Sony’s latest Spiderman game. The footage, while clearly scripted, shows a game that has taken inspiration from the Arkham franchise, incorporating stealth mechanics that utilize webbing to produce takedown moves that would make Batman look tame and combat sequences that would make you feel like you were back in Arkham Asylum if it wasn’t for the inclusion of Spidey’s personal brand of witticism.


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