We Need a Jet Too!

It’s hard running a new site in the year 2015. Do you know how many established sites are currently operating on the World Wide Web? Consider all the sites that come and gone! I feel for those people that put in all that work just to see their site vanish into thin air. We want to prevent that here at Geeks Under Grace. We want to last forever, and we cannot do that without a jet.
Yes, you read that right, we want a jet. Unlike some people, we won’t even ask for a $65,000,000 jet. No, we wouldn’t want to put a burden like that on you. So we thought it would be nice to have one of these:
GULFSTREAM_g450_photo_D_Ramey_Logan (1)
Would you believe that this plane is on sale right now?!?!?
My friends. that is a Gulfstream G450. It is currently listed at a discounted price of only $15,500,000. Let me repeat that again: I’m talking a bargain jet that is almost $40,000,000 cheaper than what others have asked for!
You’re probably thinking, “Wow, that’s a lot of money!” You’re right, that is a lot of money, and this is where you, yes you our lovely reader, come in.
We’re starting a founding campaign to accomplish our goal of acquiring this jet. We’re only asking if our loyal readers can donate at least $750,000 to help out a growing web site.
Of course you won’t get to fly in the jet, meaning that you won’t get to enjoy time with us as we travel the world visiting cosplay conventions, Lecrae concerts, comic cons, the DotA 2 International, and all other events in geekdom, but you will be able to watch us as we do it if you subscribe to our YouTube channel!
Each donation comes with access to a special webcam that shows you a corner inside of the jet. Yes, the camera may not have sound, but you will be able to tell everybody that you saw the inside of a jet that you helped pay for! How many people can honestly say that?
I would like to thank you in advance for your donations (here), and we here at GUG hope that you have a blessed day.

Mike Pyatt

Michael Pyatt Jr is a young, laid back, Christian from Washington, DC. His pleasures in life include his family, friends, his church, and spending time with God. While Michael seems to have a lot of knowledge in a lot of areas, the two areas where he shows the most passion is music, and sports. When he's not focusing on work, and studying IT at the University of the District of Columbia, he likes producing musical tracks. While his music may be mainly hip-hop, he doesn't mind creating other types of music.

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