What to Watch in September

Over the summer, viewers have had ample opportunity to catch up with favorite shows and clear out their DVR space. Well, September is here and with it comes the season of fall premieres. With a full slate of new and returning shows, it’s easy to miss something – so here’s a list of shows that might interest you. We’ve even got a handy calendar to make sure you don’t miss anything!


Hand of GodHand of God – September 4th, Amazon Instant

Pernell Harris begins hearing what he believes is the voice of God after his son attempts to commit suicide. As the line between sanity and faith fades, he must decide exactly how far he will go to do God’s will. Starring Hellboy‘s Ron Perleman, this Amazon Instant Video original series has both high and low points. For more, read our review here.



Bastard ExecutionerThe Bastard Executioner – September 15th, FX, 10:00 EST

From the creator of Sons of Anarchy comes a show about a medieval knight who decides to lay down his sword and give up his life of violence. Unfortunately, a series of circumstances beyond his control lead him to take up the executioner’s ax instead. While viewers should expect this new series to be violent, they can also expect to see some excellent storytelling. I, for one, am looking forward to the premiere of this one.



Best Time EverBest Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris – September 15th, NBC, 10:00 EST

The variety show you never knew you wanted. Neil Patrick Harris is skilled at witty banter, and this NBC remake of a popular British show, Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, seems like it will be the perfect fit for his particular talents. Featuring a wide range of skits, gameshows, guest stars, pranks, and, well, everything, the show seems perfectly suited to be a success.



BlindspotBlindspot – September 21st, NBC, 10:00 EST

A woman is found in Times Square in a bag addressed to the FBI, covered in tattoos but with no memory. Now, she and Agent Weller must find out what the tattoos mean in order to…well, you know the drill. The show looks interesting from the trailer, but with a tag line like “Piecing the past together. One tattoo at a time,” it’s hard to predict how good the show will be.



Life In PiecesLife in Pieces – September 21st, CBS, 8:30 EST

Family life is told from the point of view of different members. I know it’s not a lot to go on, but there’s not really much more to describe unless you want to start comparing it to another popular show that seems very similar (*cough* Modern Family *cough*).




Minority ReportMinority Report – September 21st, FOX, 9:00 EST

Based on the 2002 movie by the same name, the series will go 10 years further into the future and follow one of the three pre-cogs that were freed in the movie.  Still seeing violent visions of future crimes, Dash assists Detective Vega in crime prevention while searching for his twin brother. If you enjoyed the movie, the series looks like it will be an interesting follow-up as it further explores the technology and storyline.



LimitlessLimitless – September 22nd, CBS, 10:00 EST

Another show based on a successful movie, Limitless will attempt to take the story even further and give viewers a chance to see what happened in the Limitless universe after the credits stopped rolling. Bradley Cooper will be making an appearance, but his character appears to be a bridge meant to introduce and instruct the star of the series. The premise of the show is intriguing, but viewers should probably expect a souped up version of a crime drama over anything truly original.


Scream QueensScream Queens – September 22nd, FOX, 8:00 EST

In this comedic horror series, Jamie Lee Curtis is a no-nonsense dean whose campus is being terrorized by a serial killer. Viewers can expect a lot of death (at least one per week) and all the scares that go along with that. We can also expect dark humor and, hopefully, a who dunnit that we won’t figure out until the end. With Halloween coming up, this could be just what we need to set the mood.



The MuppetsThe Muppets – September 22nd, ABC, 8:00 EST

Be still my heart, but the Muppets are back! Abandoning the variety show format of the original, The Muppets are returning with a behind-the-scenes show which will follow the personal lives of our favorite muppets in a documentary styled series. I don’t know who decided this was a good idea, but I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart!



RosewoodRosewood – September 23rd, FOX, 8:00 EST

Private pathologist Dr. Beaumont Rosewood is a charismatic optimist who teams up with tough detective Annalise Villa to solve crimes in beautiful, sunny Miami. This new addition to the genre will hopefully be fresh enough to make its own mark and not get lost in the sea of crime/medical dramas.




Heroes RebornHeroes Reborn – September24th, NBC, 8:00 EST

Re-entering the world of the 2006 series HeroesHeroes Reborn will continue the story that began in the original series by following a group of individuals who try to understand their new abilities even as they are hunted down by people who think destroying them is the only way to ensure the world’s safety. Starring Zachary Levi, the series looks like it will be a well done reboot and I, for one, have already set my DVR and cleared my schedule for the 2 hour premiere.



The PlayerThe Player – September 24th, NBC, 10:00 EST

Wesley Snipes stars in this crime thriller set against the backdrop of Las Vegas. The show looks to be a cross between 24 and, well, any crime procedural as Alex Kane races the clock to stop crimes before they happen. The appearance of Wesley Snipes means viewers should give the show a chance, but it will have to work hard to set itself apart and keep people coming back for more.



Marvel's Guardians of the GalaxyMarvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – September 26th, Disney XD, 9:30 EST

Finally giving the people what they want, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will dig further into the history and characters of the popular comic. The show promises to offer more backstory details on the much loved characters, as well as new adventures for the daring heroes.




QuanticoQuantico – September 27th, ABC, 10:00 EST

The series will follow a group of FBI recruits as they go through training at Quantico. Flashbacks will reveal their motives, both good and bad, for joining the FBI and may even reveal that at least one recruit is not what they seem.




Adam Ruins EverythingAdam Ruins Everything – September 29th, truTV, 10:00 EST

An expansion of a popular YouTube channel, this series offers comedic investigation into…everything. Combining facts and comedy, Adam debunks and demystifies misconceptions and accepted norms that society holds dear in a way that is simultaneously irritating and engaging. As a long time fan of the YouTube channel, I highly recommend checking this one out!



GrandfatheredGrandfathered – September 29th, FOX, 8:00 EST

John Stamos stars as suave, care-free Jimmy Martino in this comedy. A self-assure bachelor, Martino’s life changes when he finds out that he is not only a father to a grown man, but also a grandfather.




The GrinderThe Grinder – September 29th, FOX, 8:30 EST

Rob Lowe and Fred Savage star in this comedy series as brothers working together in the family law firm. The problem is, only one of them is a lawyer; the other one just plays one on TV.




Code BlackCode Black – September 30th, CBS, 10:00 EST

Set in an overcrowded and understaffed emergency room in Los Angeles, this medical procedural will follow the staff as they attempt to give patients medical care under virtually impossible conditions. Set in L.A.? Maybe they’ll do a cross over with Fear the Walking Dead.




Con ManCon Man – September 30th, Vimeo

Finally. I’ve been following news of this show for months, and everything I’ve seen makes me giddier than a geek meeting Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk. Completely fan funded on Indiegogo, the show will explore the world of conventions from the viewpoint of Wray Nerely, a former spaceship captain on the too-soon cancelled show Spectrum. Sound familiar? With an amazing cast of our geek overlords, the show is poised to be both entertaining and ground breaking. I can’t wait!



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