Tyrant: Pilot

It’s not often that a show premieres with much acute awareness of its geopolitical surrounding, as Tyrant did last week. That said, where politics and story reigned supreme, writing and dialogue severely lacked.

I went in to the premiere wary of the plot and skeptical as to whether or not FX would be able to pull off such an ambitious (at least in my mind) story and set design. FX did a wonderful job creating a very believable atmosphere in Abbudin. From the characters, to their story lines, everything seemed very well done.

However, when it comes to the American wife of Bassam all bets are off. The writing is absolutely terrible. The writers gave Molly the mindset of a ditsy blonde, unaware of the geopolitical and social dynamic of modern Middle East. She seems to almost accuse Barry (Bassam) of causing all the tension between his family, without even realizing that Abbudin is under a dictatorial state. The Jennifer Finnigan’s acting didn’t help the writing any, unfortunately. No matter how into the story I got, I found myself thrown off balance and confused anytime Molly opened her mouth.

Tyrant is full of violence and sexual content. Bassam’s brother, Jamal, is seen forcing himself on two separate women at different points in the show. The majority of the violence and suggestive themes are brought upon by Jamal throughout the episode. However, during the flashbacks…. I wont give it away.

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