The long awaited showdown of the Green Power Ranger vs Ryu


Courtesy: Bat In The Sun

The most anticipated battle so far in Bat In The Sun’s Super Power Beat Down series was released earlier today. An epic battle between Might Morphin’ Power Ranger’s Green Ranger and Street Fighter’s Ryu. The Super Power Beat Down series puts various legendary characters, from different series against one another. They let the fans vote to determine the winner, and the results were very close in the battle. Actor Peter Jang played the role of Ryu and Mr.My Morphin’ Life himself; Jason David Frank, stars as the Green Power Ranger. 

So check out the episode, and let us know if they got it right..

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  1. Josh Mors on May 7, 2015 at 12:10 am

    Wow, I’m completely disappointed in that video. I honestly thought that Ryu would win that fight, but even though I didn’t like the results. It’s still a good fight.

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