The Legend of Korra S3E5: The Metal Clan

The end of prison breaks. Is there anyone left to bust out of prison? We get a small taste of backstory for both Zaheer and Lin. Zaheer knows more about Airbender history than many of the actual Airbenders. Lin has a sister who is perfect in every way. Bolin gets introduced to his love interest for this particular season.

The new, all-metal city was a logical step from metal-bending. We are introduced to Su, the leader of the city. Su’s daughter, Opal, is a new Airbender. The intrigue of this episode did not stop there. Su’s mother is Toph which makes her Lin’s sister. Well, half-sister as we find out. This episode had some more mature themes than is typical of Nickelodeon cartoons. Toph apparently was not a perfect person after we last left her in The Last Airbender. She had at least two kids that we know of with two different fathers and neither of the girls knew their fathers. On top of that, Toph gave her children nearly unlimited freedom. Su and Lin took this style of parenting in starkly different ways. This led to a falling out between the sisters that was hinted at, but not yet explained in detail.

In other Toph news, it was left open that she may very well be alive, though the explanation that she was “wandering the world to seek enlightenment” made me scoff out loud. That phrase certainly does not suit those of us familiar with Toph. The unusual explanation of her absence makes me wonder what is really going on.

Opal, the new Airbender, was a great student in this episode that made Korra look like a true Avatar and teacher. However, little was this the focus of Opal’s character this episode. Bolin, The Legend of Korra’s resident ladies man, had an instant connection with Opal. This led to an odd scene between the two where Bolin is trying to flirt with her, but in cliched fashion she just wants him to “be himself”.

Zaheer got himself a makeover and used it to infiltrate the new Airbenders. His stay was only one episode long because Kya was able to correctly identify Zaheer and took him on in a one-on-one bending battle. Zaheer continued to show that he knows more than an ordinary person in their current time period should know about Airbending and the Air Nation history. Something tells me that even Tenzin could afford to learn a few things from Zaheer.

All in all, Friday’s episodes have made me excited to watch next week.

The Legend of Korra is on at 8 pm every Friday night on Nick.

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