The Legend of Korra S3E4: In Harm’s Way

This episode continued this season’s streak of prison breaks. Zaheer’s girlfriend (aka Sparky Sparky Boom Girl) got busted out of her ice prison. On the other end of the world, Korra and the gang planned and executed the escape of the conscripted Airbenders of the Earth Nation. Korra also continued her run of getting banished from the different areas she visited.

More flashy action sequences ensued as we had two major fights occur this episode. The villains continued to show their dominance and build their credibility with the ice prison battle. Earth vs Air was displayed on a bigger scale than we had seen before when the Earth Queen tried to stop the escaping Airbenders.

They finally said Zaheer’s name enough times that the audience can actually remember him beyond “that guy who pulls off sweet prison breaks”. We also learned why Zaheer and his group were imprisoned. They had attempted to kidnap Korra about thirteen years ago. Their reasons for doing so are still a mystery for now.

Kai began to evolve as a character and as an Airbender. Through a series of short scenes this episode, Kai resisted authority, developed skill over Air that showed big promise, and displayed compassion for his fellow slaves…. I mean soldiers. The young love between Jinora and Kai continued its slow burn.

The freed Airbenders chose to follow Tenzin to rebuild the Air Nation and we saw the Airbending master split away from Team Avatar for now. The pieces are coming together for an epic “Airbenders Vs ???” fight at the end of the season. At this point, it is unclear whether the Earth Queen will send her elite Earthbenders after the new Air Nomads as revenge for what happened this episode. It is also possible that the newly-trained Airbenders will play a role in the inevitable confrontation between Zaheer and the Avatar.

I would love to see Zaheer persuade the Airbenders over to his side. He impressed everyone with his display of skill and knowledge of Airbenders’ ways. I like the build-up of Zaheer as a character so far and I hope that they don’t drop the ball with him. He has the potential to be a great villain.

Here are a couple of questions for you fellow Avatar-lovers out there:

What do you think Zaheer’s motive is?
Why is the Earth Queen trying to build an Airbender army?

The Legend of Korra is on at 8 pm every Friday night on Nick.

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Thomas Martin


  1. Ben on July 15, 2014 at 12:06 am

    The two questions you pose highlight a common theme of our ignorance. That we know almost nothing of international politics outside of rebuplic city (other than the civil dispute of the water tribes).
    Honestly I think Bumi is the character to watch closely. The guy was in the forces for a long time, he knows the history and the laws of multiple nations. And it’s a good question, what have these massive military forces been doing this whole time? Bumi has plenty of stories so must have been deployed a lot!
    I guess the other to be keeping an eye on is the white lotus. Was Zaheer trying to get Korra away from them for a valid reason?

    • Thomas R. Martin on July 15, 2014 at 1:38 am

      You bring up some very good points. I do hope that they flesh out some of the details on all of what you mentioned. I would love to see Zaheer turn out to be an anti-hero of sorts.

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