Summer Television Preview

Well guys and gals, the summer has officially begun (evident by the 105 degree temperatures here in DC), and with that comes new television shows to watch. What are you going to watch? That is the big-ticket question on the board. Let’s take a moment to look at what shows are starting and/or continuing this season. Here is a list of the shows I will be watching and providing weekly reviews for this summer.

Graceland Season 2 airs on USA Wednesday nights at 10pm

Graceland (USA): 

Season 2 of Graceland began last week, and with it came a great deal of fan-boying on my part. Season 1 ended on a huge bombshell and left me waiting for new episodes for the entire winter. I eagerly look forward to reviewing this show this summer and highly recommend the show.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Derek are available on Netflix

Derek (Netflix):

Season 2 of Derek was released to Netflix just over a week ago, and in that time I have been able to watch the entire season. I cannot wait to give you a complete write-up of the season and why I think you need to give Ricky Gervais another shot (or at least why I did).

Tyrant premieres on FX June 24th at 10pm

Tyrant (FX):

Tyrant premieres on FX in just a few weeks. An Arab-American is summoned home to a Middle Eastern country to assist his family in running the country. I’m not sure what to expect at this point, but I’ll wait with bated breath for the premiere to air.

Doctor Who (BBC America):

Doctor Who picks up again this summer with a brand new Doctor (Peter Capaldi) who has big shoes to fill. As a die-hard David Tennant fan, I gave Matt Smith the time and adoration he deserved. However, I’m excited to finally have the Doctor get back to his roots by having an older actor in the role. If you haven’t watched Doctor Who before and you’re able to find all the Classic Who (as well as the new Steven Moffat Doctor Who on Netflix), then I highly recommend viewing it.

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Robert Butler

Robert is a lover of television and film with an affinity towards the production side of the business. Robert is studying film and photography in college and upon graduation plans to enter the industry on the back end, creating some of your favorite television programs and movies.


  1. Joe Morgan on June 19, 2014 at 5:51 pm

    Oh man! I still haven’t finished Season 1 of Derek! Nearly every episode makes me tear up. I’m looking forward to your write-up on it!

    • Robert Butler on June 19, 2014 at 6:06 pm

      Joe, its definitely an emotional show! But very worth the watch!

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