Sonic the Hedgehog: SatAM Review

Sonic kicked off his career in 1991 with the smash hit most of us know and love, but between then and now, Sonic has been featured in comics, four TV series, a movie, action figures, puzzles, and even energy drinks.  But today, I would like to focus on one of the four TV series, SatAM.

Known originally as just “Sonic the Hedgehog”, SatAM is the second Sonic the Hedgehog series and it started the same month as the first, meaning there were two Sonic the Hedgehog shows on at once, though this series contrasted the first in many ways.

The first series featured a lighthearted story with a colorful environment, while SatAM featured a dark storyline with an environment nearly ruined by Robotnik’s takeover. Before I describe the series, here’s some information that will help you understand it’s story.


In the 3300’s, Planet Mobius was under control of King Acorn. Dr. Robotnik, known then simply as “Julian”, had recently won The Great War and, with the king’s permission, canceled the war ministry. Shortly after, he changed his name to “Robotnik”, took full control of the computer systems, and captured the king and warped him into “The Void”. He also roboticized the palace at Mobotropolis, changed it’s name to “Robotropolis”, roboticized multiple citizens (including Sonic’s uncle, Sir Charles) and began polluting Mobius. Sonic the Hedgehog was only five at this point.

Sonic and friends went on to form a group against Robotnik called the Freedom Fighters, which is where the story reaches the beginning of the series.

The Freedom Fighters , consisting of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sally Alicia Acorn, Antoine D’Coolete, Bunnie Rabbot, Miles “Tails” Prower, and Rotor the Walrus (along with other supporting Freedom Fighters) constantly invade Robotropolis to overthrow Robotnik. They free prisoners, destroy Robotnik’s base bit by bit, and in the Final Episode they the Deep Power Stones to take down The Doomsday Machine, bringing Robotnik’s base to the ground. The series would have continued into a third season, tells writer Ben Hurst, but ABC switched owners and canceled the show.


Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic is (obviously) a speedy blue hedgehog, and one of the main characters (hence the title Sonic the Hedgehog). He is the leader of the Freedom Fighters and uses Power Rings to increase his speed and power.

Sally Alicia Acorn: Daughter of King Acorn and love interest of Sonic the Hedgehog . She is very cautious and frequently scorns Sonic for his reckless behavior.

Antoine D’Coolete: Antoine speaks in a French accent and is often jealous of Sonic’s status with Sally, even attempting to capture Robotnik in order to impress Sally.

Miles “Tails” Prower: A young fox cub and friend of Sonic. He tries to be heroic like Sonic, but is often restricted due to his age.

Rotor the Walrus: Mechanic of the Freedom Fighters who changes dramatically in the second season.

Bunnie Rabbot: Bunnie is a partially Roboticized Rabbit, hence the “i” changed to an “o” making the end of her name “bot”. She slightly flirts with Antoine from time to time.

Sir Charles “Uncle Chuck” Hedgehog: A former Mobian who was Roboticized by Dr. Robotnik, though he was able to attain his free will and become a spy for the Freedom Fighters.

Snivley Robotnik: Robotnik’s nephew who despises him and eventually becomes his successor after Robotnik was captured by Ixis Naugus in the final episode.

Dr. Julian Ivo Robotnik: Dictator of Mobius who stole the throne from King Acorn . He has a short temper, especially with Sonic. He abuses his nephew and turns innocent citizens into Robotic slaves.

I love the show, but I know it gets some hate from time to time. Its got everything a good show needs to entertain the whole family!

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