Review: The Walking Dead, Season 5, Episode 13 – “Forget”

Over the past few weeks, Rick and the gang have wrestled with the question of whether or not they have been “out there” too long. After finding what appears to be a safe place, they finally get through the gates and meet what has to be the most clueless people to ever survive a zombie apocalypse. For the show’s second week in Alexandria, the group is still acclimating to their new surroundings, and things seem to be looking up for some people and getting weird for others.

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Rick seems to be settling into his reprise as the town sheriff: he’s got the uniform, the haircut, and the swagger. Add that to a burgeoning crush on his stylist, and it seems he might be settling in. Of course, he also has plans to rob the town he’s protecting, so he might not be adjusting all that well. It’s not unexpected considering his extreme paranoia levels, but I have to say that his plan seems to have a few holes in it. In the end, he seems happiest when having a Doctor/Rose moment with a walker.

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Carol has started looking and acting like a soccer mom without the accompanying minivan. She’s baking cookies, trading recipes, and planning a heist of the weapons locker just like every other woman in the carpool line. In the middle of all of that, she also somehow finds the time to whisper sweet nothings into a child’s ear to ensure that he will do the right thing. All in all, it’s pretty clear that Carol may have some personal issues and her grip on sanity may be getting a little loose. Then again, what mom hasn’t threatened to feed their kid to a zombie at some point?

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Darryl fans have always known that he has a heart of gold, and his stint as the horse whisperer only gives us another somewhat greasy layer to love. Yep, he’s still greasy, and we can only assume he just hasn’t felt safe enough to shower like everyone else, though it seems his uneasiness with the community can be somewhat alleviated by a hearty spaghetti dinner. You may have heard the rumors that Darryl might find love this season, and these are proven true when Aaron takes him out to the garage and introduces him to the machine of his dreams.

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Sasha seems to be having some trouble settling in and has developed a deep hatred for pictures, which she brutally executes. The citizens of Alexandria are having a pretty tough time of their own since there is a shortage of pasta makers, books, and prosciutto. Sasha, however, just can’t seem to understand and seems determined to focus on the negative.

All in all, it’s just another day surviving the apocalypse by baking cookies, making friends, and threatening children. Of course, it can’t go on this way forever, and with the “W” branded walkers showing up more and more often, it looks like there is a new threat already stalking the group. The question is: is it inside or outside the walls?

Content Warning

Language: After watching the episode twice I only heard bulls***, but it’s possible that I missed something. There is some discussion of violence towards walkers. Carol threatens a small child in a pretty graphic and disturbing way.

Violence: There are some graphic scenes where walkers are killed. A horse is attacked and partially eaten by walkers before being put down.

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  1. Tony on March 15, 2015 at 12:25 am

    Ya definitely a great episode. I’m like seeing how the group reacts to Alexandria in different ways. I’m surprised you didn’t comment more on Carol’s little speech to that kid. That was some terrifying stuff lol.

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