Review: Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 11 “Heroes and Villains”

The mid-season finale? Ugh, so many feels right now! Anna and Elsa gone, Belle and Regina left without beaus, and now The Dark One joining with the Queens of Darkness?!? So much happened last night!


Content Warning

This episode contained witchcraft and sorcery, alcohol, mild violence, and a strange love triangle.


The episode opens with Elsa, Anna, Emma, Kristof, Henry, Mary Margaret, and Killian facing the Ice Wall surrounding the town. Elsa takes it down, and when Anna tries to walk blissfully (and rather foolishly) to Arendelle; Emma stops her. Part of the Snow Queen’s curse still lingers, and anyone who walks across the town line can never return. But with Arendelle currently under the reign of Hans and his brothers, it’s urgent that they find Anna, Elsa, and Kristof a way home.


Killian’s in Gold’s Shop, his heart’s being squeezed by the Dark One himself. Killian explains that the curse is still there. Gold asks about the Arendelle visitors, and Killian explains that they’re still searching for a way back home. Gold is uneasy; Anna knows Gold’s secret. Killian is instructed to watch her, and Gold prepares to leave with his wife Belle and to finally rid himself of the dagger. Then when the stars align, Gold will crush Killian’s heart.

Flashback: Belle admires the collection of artifacts. Gold enters and startles her. He comments that there hasn’t been much cleaning, and she was under the impression that he would be gone longer. He wanted to observe her behavior while he was gone. She asks about his trip and the artifacts. He’s just gotten back from Camelot, which was “good for me, bad for Camelot.” He’s returned with a Gauntlet that can point out anyone’s weakness. He plans to manipulate it for his own twisted agenda. Back in the present, Gold wakes up Belle to breakfast in bed. She enjoys the surprise, and he says that he has even more surprises in store; they’re going away to New York together.

Regina and Robin Hood are in Regina’s vault. They place Marion’s heart back into her body, and she comes back. Then we see Regina at Granny’s Diner. In walks Marion. She thanks Regina, but admits that she sees that they’re (Regina and Robin) in love. Marion understands, and if Robin wants to be with Regina, she’ll back off.


Killian and Gold walk into the mansion that Gold and Belle have been staying in. Killian asks whose house it is, and Gold finally says what we’ve all been thinking; it belongs to the Sorcerer. They search for the portal that brought the Snow Queen to our world and then, like magic, it appears out of thin air.


Belle is packing her bag when Henry walks into the shop. He asks if she’s going somewhere. She tells him that she and Gold are going on a trip to New York. Henry tells Belle about the curse, and she say’s that she’s sure that Gold has found a way. Henry looks upset. He pulls out his storybook and tells Belle how bad he feels that his Regina is written so horribly. Belle assures him that his mother is different now and that she’s not that person anymore. As Henry helps Belle pull down another suitcase, a gauntlet falls. Belle is distraught by it.

Flashback: Rumpelstiltskin teleports Belle to do his laundry. As she is reluctantly doing so, a dalmatian appears. Belle tries to get close to the puppy, but it runs. She searches for it, but gets kidnapped by a mysterious stranger.

Present: Killian walks into Granny’s Diner where the heroes are still brainstorming on how to get the Arendelleans home. He claims to have found the portal that brought the Snow Queen here, but Gold’s using Killian like a puppet. Killian tells Emma that Gold has changed; all they have to do is walk through the portal. Emma notices that Killian’s acting strange and asks if he’s all right. He says he’s fine, but when he goes to walk away his hand stays on Emma’s arm, almost to tip Emma off.

Flashback: Rumpelstiltskin searches for Belle. A raven drops a sea shell, and a video message plays (very Princess Leia-style). Belle is kidnapped and the kidnappers want the gauntlet. Rumpel is extremely worried. He yells at the raven; he knows its master and he’s coming.

Present: Robin and Regina are sitting on a park bench with Marion and Roland. Regina notes how happy Roland is and that she understands that children come first. Robin says that he chooses Regina. It may look like a messy situation to the child, but the only way to set a good example for Roland is to be true to himself (that is some MAJORLY flawed advice, people). But just as this is said Marion collapses, freezing over again. There is still some magic left in the curse, and the only way Marion can be saved is if Robin and Roland take her across the town line, never to return.

Robin, Roland, Marion, the Merry Men, and Will Scarlet all say their goodbyes near the town line while Regina sits in her car, understandably upset. Gold sits in the car next to her. He tells her that he and Belle are leaving, and that he wants to say goodbye. He also asks her to say goodbye to Henry for him and that he’ll miss him. He knows that Henry was snooping in the shop and asks why. They wanted to find the author of the book to rewrite her a happy ending. She asks how Belle and Gold are happy. Gold took his happy ending, and she should do the same. If Marion were gone she could be happy, but Regina’s not that person anymore. She thought he’d changed too, but he says that he more evolved than changed (being brought back to life and enslaved by the Wicked Witch of the West will do that to you). “If you don’t think villains can have a happy ending, then watch me take mine.” He wishes she would have the same. He leaves, and Regina gets out of the car and wishes the Robin Hood family farewell. Marion and Roland cross the town line and Robin stays behind just a moment longer to kiss Regina goodbye. He crosses the line, and they all look back to see nothing. Robin walks away with his family, and Regina is on the verge of tears. She pulls out the page of the storybook that had them together, rips it apart, and walks away.

Flashback: Rumpelstiltskin has the gauntlet, and Belle is bound by ropes. Enter Maleficent. She demands the gauntlet, but Gold starts choking her (Star Wars Force-style). Maleficent warns that she’s not alone. Ursula sends out her tentacles to start choking Belle. Then out steps Cruella De Vil. They threaten to kill Belle, and Rumpel gives up the gauntlet. They take it and leave, stating that for too long the heroes get their happy endings, and that now it’s their turn. Rumpel examines Belle and says that they won’t be able to harm her. She asks, “why do you care about me?” He doesn’t, but if anyone’s going to kill her it’s going to be him (rather unconvincing—he’s got it bad).


Present: Gold and Killian are in the clock tower getting ready to rid him of the dagger.


The heroes look around the mansion and find the door. The Arendelle sisters smell remnants of home as they get closer to the portal. Emma opens it, and everyone begins saying their goodbyes. They have a kingdom and a wedding to tend to. Elsa and Kristof walk through the portal, and Anna asks about Gold. They reveal that he’s Rumpeltsiltskin, and Anna is taken aback. Gold lied about not knowing her and that he was playing them. Now it’s a race to find out why.

The stars are aligning, and Gold begins the spell to cleave himself from the dagger. He places the hat and you can see it taking effect. Emma and Mary Margaret enter, trying to stop him. He freezes them, and begins squeezing Killian’s heart. He can’t do it, but why? Belle enters with the dagger. She makes him stop, release everyone, and makes him take them to the town line. She see’s the truth now; there is no good in him, no matter how many signs she thought she saw, starting with the gauntlet. Rumpel’s true love is power, not her. That’s where the gauntlet led her—the dagger. Gold protests, they could have it all, but all Belle wants is him. She tried to be everything for Gold. He can change; he’ll make it up to her. No. Once she saw the man behind the beast, but now there’s just a beast. She commands that he leave the town, and he doesn’t have a choice. He walks across the town line and can’t see her anymore. He’s left wallowing on the ground, scrambling for a trace of her. He cries, repeating her name. Belle won’t look at him.


Present day in Arendelle: it’s Anna’s wedding day. The two sisters are both happy; they got the land back from Hans. They also found a portrait of their mother and her sisters. Elsa asks why she kept delaying the wedding, and Anna says that she couldn’t have gotten married without her sister there just as happy as she was. Time to walk her down the aisle.


Back in our world, Emma has Killian’s heart in her hand. Killian says to be gentle, and she shoves it back in. She begins to apologize, and Killian grabs her and kisses her. She walks over to Regina, who is drinking alone. Regina doesn’t want a speech, and Emma suggests that they do shots. Emma tries to console her, but Regina doesn’t need it. She’s miserable, so she must have done the right thing. Henry bursts into the Diner—they need to see what he’s found. They go back to the mansion; he’s found a secret room. It’s a library full of blank books that look just like the one Henry has. There’s a chance that the mansion belongs to the author! Henry and Regina tell Emma about Operation Mongoose, and she’s in. She truly wants Regina to have her happy ending.

Flashback/present day mash up: Rumpelstiltskin tells the Queens of Darkness that he will never work with them, but Rumpel can’t win without them. After six months of being cast out of Storybrooke, however, he goes to Ursula (who is working as a fish feeder at a water park) claiming that he’s found a way for them to have their happy endings. They have work to do, and they have two more stops to make.


And that’s how the episode ended! A decent end to the Frozen storyline, and an epic set-up for the next half of the season with the Queens of Darkness!



The episode was good. Getting Elsa, Anna, and Kristof back to Arendelle wasn’t that exciting, but the set-up for the next half of the season was awesome! I love when they introduce new villains and new characters to the show. It makes the whole story that much richer. The episode didn’t have very much violence, but they had a big plot twist.

My Thoughts

This episode made me want to get up and yell, and cry multiple times throughout! Why—why must you keep taking Regina’s happiness away? I know; that’s how the story is written. They have to keep making her miserable, because that’s how her character works. She gets a brief moment of happiness, and it’s torn away so that she can fight for the next one.

And Rumpel?


I’ve said it a dozen times in my reviews that Rumpelstiltskin is the reason I watch this show. He brings so much to the story (usually the villainy). He’s the glue that binds the show together. Obviously, he’s not gone. I know that, but I didn’t when he made this face:


Once Upon a Time will be back for the next half of the Season on March 1, 2015 at 8/7c on ABC. Until then, re-watch the episodes on Hulu, watch seasons 1-3 on Netflix, and come back to Geeks Under Grace to see what I will be reviewing over the mid-season break.


What did you think of the episode? And how do you feel about Mr. Gold? Let us know in the comments!

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