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Game Designer Interview: Rob Dougherty on Star Realms and White Wizard Games

By Derek Thompson

If you’ve gotten the impression that Star Realms is my favorite game, you’re right. So when a new big Kickstarter is happening for the game, you better believe I get excited. I had the chance to talk to Rob Dougherty, CEO of White Wizard Games and co-designer of Star Realms, about what’s different this time. Read on…

13 Reasons… and None of Them Good

By Tyrone Barnes

I went to my psychiatrist To be psychoanalyzed To find out why I killed the cat And blacked my husband’s eyes. He laid me on a downy couch To see what he could find, So this is what he dredged up From my subconscious mind When I was one, my mommy hid My dolly in…

Tabletop Interview: Bruno Cathala talks Spiel des Jahres, Yamataï, and more

By Derek Thompson

You may have heard of a guy named Bruno Cathala. He’s designed a lot of board games. And finally, he’s up for the topmost award: the Spiel des Jahres, for Kingdomino. He’s also releasing a spiritual successor to Five Tribes, another critically acclaimed design, Yamataï from Days of Wonder. I’ve forgotten which Gen Con I first met Bruno at, but…