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Big Mouth: The Terror of Adolescence

By Tyrone Barnes

Disclaimer: This article contains information about sexual content. It is not suitable for all ages. Reader discretion is advised. Let me be very clear with you, dear reader: I was not a happy teenager. Pretty sure I wasn’t a happy preteen either. It seems that not too many people would describe the transitional period from…

Interview with Richard Garfield: Designer of Magic: the Gathering and King of Tokyo

By Derek Thompson

Richard Garfield Talks About Cooperative King of Tokyo, Bunny Kingdom’s Release, and Reflections on Solforge and Netrunner Richard Garfield originally came to fame for designing Magic: the Gathering in the early 90s, which had a huge impact on my own personal life, as I played the game exclusively for well over a decade. Recently, he’s had an…

Interview With Matt Leacock: Designer of Pandemic

By Derek Thompson

Matt Leacock Talks Pandemic Legacy: Season 2, Game Design, and Social Justice You may have heard of a game called Pandemic, about saving the world from spreading diseases. In 2015, Pandemic designer, Matt Leacock, teamed up with Risk Legacy designer, Rob Daviau, to create Pandemic Legacy: Season 1. This campaign-style game allows players to tear things up, put stickers on the board,…