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Game of Thrones: What Went Wrong?

By Noel Davila

TV writer Noel Davila gives his take on the last season of Game of Thrones: The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Our Favorite TV Shows Of 2018

By Lexi Tucker

Here are some of the favorite TV Shows of 2018. Now it’s time to open your Smart TV with a good sound bar and experience watching all these shows like the way it is in cinema. Purchase a new corner wall tv mount to place your tv properly for you and your guests to enjoy…

Trauma and Faith: A Firefly Story

By Noel Davila

The very first novel in the hugely popular sci-fi universe of Firefly, called Firefly: Big Damn Heroes written by James Lovegrove with Joss Whedon as consulting editor, was released this month. This anticipated novel brings us Browncoats (Firefly’s cult fanbase) back into the world of Firefly and dives into the events that take place before…