Graceland: “The Line”

Last year’s summer hit, Graceland, returned last week with a direct continuation of the Season 1 finale. Many, myself included, have been waiting in the wings to find out what secret Briggs was attempting to reveal to Mike at the end of the first season. We have finally been appeased!

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

As Mike returns to Graceland he finds the house in a “state of entropy, everything moving toward chaos,” in the words of Paul Briggs. That’s basically how this first episode felt: chaotic. Coming off the bombshell that Briggs had been able to fool the FBI and “clear” his name, we as the audience are left to cope with our own emotions and thoughts.

Do we trust him?

Should we trust him?

Paul has calmed down and is now in a relationship with Charlie. Mike finds himself in a love triangle between Paige and Jessica–a woman he met during his time in DC.

Through a course of events, Mike finds himself in need of a team to assist him with a rather large assignment. Unsurprisingly, he chooses the members of Graceland as his team. We are instantly aware of a new social dynamic in the group: Mike is in charge and the gang isn’t exactly pleased by it.

So, where do we go from here?

Graceland’s sophomore season looks to be shaping up to be pretty entertaining. I just hope I don’t find myself disappointed at the end (I was last season when Briggs didn’t get what was coming to him). Last season, Briggs always seemed to be one step, or more even, ahead of us and left us (or at the very least myself) wanting and expecting him to get caught.

I’ll give Paul a few more episodes before I decide if I’m back on his team. With that said, I’m so happy Graceland is back!

The Bottom Line



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