Defiance: “The Opposite of Hallelujah”


After the explosive ending to its inaugural season, Syfy’s Defiance left fans with more than a few questions. What’s become of the city of Defiance? Did Nolan survive? Where is Irisa? “The Opposite of Hallelujah” holds these answers and more as the second season of Syfy’s post-apocalyptic alien-ridden show continues!

Warning: Contains Spoilers!

Season 2’s first episode covers a wide range of characters and topics. All of the major players in the first season are back, and now they’re scattered to the four winds. defiance-season-2-episode-01-02

Over the course of this episode, we actually get not one, but four different stories. This installment begins nine months after season 1’s finale. Earth Republic forces now occupy Defiance and Niles Pottinger, a pompous upper-crust politician, has been seated as the interim mayor. Thus removing Amanda Rosewater from office and relegating her to run the NeedWant, Defiance’s bar and brothel. Rebellion is brewing again as some local miners begin blaming deaths and working conditions on the Earth Republic. Their demands, and Potting, lure Rosewater into becoming his adviser against her wishes.


Elsewhere, the Tarrs, a well-respected Castithan family that operates an underground mafia-like drug business, are in shambles. The patriarch, Datak, is in prison outside of town. We find him scrounging and fighting for food as he plots his escape. His son, Alak, has taken it upon himself to run the “family business”. When he proves to be a bit too soft for the liking of his mother, Stahma, she seizes control. She let’s Alak know she believes he’s too weak and that she has the final say.


Meanwhile, we are taken across what’s left of the United States. Here we find Joshua Nolan, the previous lawkeeper of Defiance (and our primary hero). He is searching for his missing daughter. Adopted by Nolan, the Irathient girl Irisa disappeared after an ancient artifact placed inside her becomes activated. Nolan scours the land, traveling from Defiance to New Chicago to Angel’s Arc (the post-apocalyptic Los Angeles), leaving a path of destruction as he goes. Finally, in Angel Arc, he has a run-in with some local thugs and just as things start to look bad, Irisa comes to the rescue. She saves him by slaughtering the gang and freeing Nolan. It becomes apparent, however, that she is still slave to the Irathient deity. As we see from a mental flashback she has of killing Nolan.

To fans of the series, the political intrigue and violence are back. Along with a fantastic re-imagining of the world after the fall of society. Many of the questions asked by last season’s finale are answered. Though enough new quandaries are opened to keep this new season interesting. I for one am excited to see what episode 2 will bring us!


From a Christian Perspective

With the exception of the fact that Defiance airs on Syfy (cable television), there is a lot of content here that viewers should be cautious of. This episode in particular features scenes of violent murder, political intrigue, alcoholism, and drug use.

There are also a couple of very suggestive scenes featuring the primary Castithan characters, Stahma and Datak Tarr. These include a bath scene with a scantily clad Stahma and a drawn-out scene at a prison where Datak encourages his wife to satisfy his carnal needs through a fence. It’s uncomfortable in any respect and definitely could’ve been left out of this episode.

The Bottom Line



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