Defiance: “In My Secret Life”


With last week blowing onto the scene and kicking off season 2, we met a couple of new characters and explored some new locations. How does episode 2, “In My Secret Life” follow it up? Let’s see.


Warning: Contains Spoilers

After the foreboding end of last week’s episode, we open to see Irisa and Nolan reach the city of Defiance. After charging the gate and drawing E-Rep ire, Irisa is taken into custody while Nolan goes to see the new mayor. Much to his surprise, he’s reunited with Amanda. His reunion is cut short, though, as the detonation of a “shrill bomb” rocks Defiance. Pottinger strikes a deal with Nolan to find the bomber in exchange for Irisa’s release. With some detective work, Nolan is able to find those responsible, ultimately stopping a second explosion and saving the lives of Stahma Tarr and several citizens just in the nick of time. This leaves the once-shunned former lawman as a hero of the people.


Elsewhere, Datak is still working to have himself released from a 10 year sentence. He sets up an elaborate plan that would make him look like a hero, but Pottinger sees through his plan, leaving him incarcerated once more.

Stahma, having escaped her demise once more, is furious. She knows the man behind the bombs and gives son, Alak, no choice but to dispose of the danger. After Alak second-guesses himself and nearly loses his life for it, he finishes the job, wounded but alive.


Finally, Irisa is released from her incarceration. She immediately heads to see Tommy, the standing lawman and Irisa’s love interest from season 1. Tommy, who’d been watching her while she was jailed, make it clear to Irisa he’d moved on since she skipped town. When she gets within eyesight of Tommy on the streets, Irisa has her hopes dashed, seeing him kiss one of the new E-Rep lawmakers.


“In My Secret Life” brings quite a few changes with it. Nolan and Irisa have returned to Defiance and Nolan has been received once more as a hero of the people. Nolan and Amanda have their love interest rekindled, Stahma forces Alak to take a life, and Datak’s best efforts to escape imprisonment have proved fruitless. What is yet to come, though? Will the devious Stahma ever be dethroned? Will Irisa’s murderous intent be fulfilled? Will we ever see the Earth Republic removed from Defiance? We can only watch and hope.


From a Christian Perspective

There are scenes of alcohol consumption, torture (as a character has a finger cut off), stabbings and bombings. There is also some mild language used throughout the episode.

There’s also a bathing scene with Stahma, Alak, and Alak’s young bride Christie. Castithans always bathe as families. They aren’t nude, but the attire they’re wearing doesn’t leave much to the imagination. The closing scene in the NeedWant, however, depicts a lewd, suggestive scene between two of the main characters and accompanying voyeurism from the mayor.

The Bottom Line



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