5 Exciting Things About The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer

Here is the trailer in case you haven’t seen it yet.

This is a very exciting trailer for The Walking Dead, recently released at San Diego Comic Con. If you want to read my “10 Differences Between The Walking Dead Novel and Show”, some of the speculation will come from there.

1.  Father Gabriel Stokes.

-Though the trailer doesn’t go into great detail, there is a glimpse of Father Gabriel in his church, also many scenes of the group within the church walls.  This lines up with the graphic novels and my speculations of the writers introducing Father Gabriel.

2.  Beth is obviously still alive.

-You see scenes of Beth in the Season 5 trailer, which we all knew she was still alive. Some think that Father Gabriel had kidnapped her, I am willing to bet that he did initially but gave her away to a group of people that he thought would keep her safe.

3. Terminus will be a short lived storyline.

-Even the trailer shows them leaving Terminus and joining with a few of the people living there to head to Washington. Either Terminus is still cannibals or we will meet some cannibals in this season, also in line with the novels.

4.  There is still no sign of Negan.

-Which is good because I believe an entire season can be devoted to the interactions between Rick and Negan.

5.  Introduction of Sanctuary.

It appears Beth has been taken by some people who treat her pretty badly.  Let me speculate by saying that this will introduce the first community of people Rick and his group join with before meeting Negan and his crew.

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