10 Hobbies To Get You Off Your Butt

Are you tired of spending your off days with your eyes glues to your phone, computer, or TV? Do you want to do something that will get you off your butt? I have some ideas. And if you have some kids, you can have a great bonding experience with them with the help of products such as those wooden playhouse designs online.
Note: These are in alphabetical order.

Antiquing phone-499991_1280

Have you ever seen American Pickers? Even if you haven’t, antiquing is actually something I used to do as a kid. All it takes is to find some thrift shops or a flea market and just browse around. These places tend to have the coolest stuff you cannot find at any other store. Just don’t bring a hoarder with you.



Archery is actually a relatively cheap hobby to get into. You can go to an archery range, rent their equipment, and easily spend all day firing arrows down the range. Plus you’ll feel like Katniss.



Camping can be great, depending on who you go with. It helps a ton to read tutorials such as a guide to winter camping especially if you’re a beginner.
So find some buddies, get a couple of tents, hang out in the woods, and enjoy yourself. Bring lots of beef jerky though. In addition, we used the guide at Techie Camper to help us choose the right heater for tent camping.



What is simpler than grabbing a couple fishing poles and going down to the lake? You can use fake bait if the thought of putting a worm on your hook grosses you out. Actually, if the worm on your hook grosses you out then you may be in for a surprise later on.



I actually covered this in its own article HERE. Letterboxing is essentially National Treasure but local. This is a great way to get outdoors and see new places in your area. Just make sure to wear your comfortable shoes.



Paintball is easily the most expensive hobby on this list. Even if you do not have your own equipment, you can rent some from the paintball arena. This is a good workout and makes you use your brain as well with game strategy.



Grab your camera and get outside. If you don’t know of anywhere to take photos then Google some scenic locations in your area. Don’t act like you don’t know what Google is, you slacker.

Shooting Guns


Like archery, this is a lot of fun and actually pretty cheap. At a gun range, you can rent any assortment of guns. I recommend picking a weapon with cheap ammo so you can spend more time unleashing your inner Rambo.



For around ten bucks you can get snorkeling gear and go swimming in a lake or the ocean. If you feel like a wimp you can always go to the local pool and watch others pee underwater. I mean, uh… No one pees in the pool.



Easily the cheapest of everything on this list. Simply Google “volunteer location” in your area and get involved. It is actually fun and gives you a true sense of reward–unlike Destiny.

Bonus – Chess


Eh, maybe you do want to sit on your butt. However, you don’t want to stare at a screen all day either. I highly recommend chess. This is the ultimate, easy-to-learn-but-hard-to-master board game. Chess really makes you think and develop skills you did not know you had.

What are some other hobbies I did not mention? Are you going to try any of these?

Wesley Wood

Wesley Wood is an aspiring film director. He would love to make GOOD films to help spread God's word and help Christians grow.


  1. Ben Rowe on April 19, 2015 at 12:11 pm

    something closely related to archery and debatably much more fun is tomahawk throwing. i know that at this point someone will the either fearfully or angrily responding to this comment, please hear me out on this. if you buy a reasonably priced SOG fasthawk for 50$ and go find and old dead tree (for free) you will have a cheaper bill than the budget 50$ bow, 20-30$ arrow (no quiver since we are going for cheapest bow possible). having shot firearms, done archery in the past, and thrown the ‘hawk; nothing quite compares to how it feels when you bury the head of the tomahawk into a tree from around 20 paces.

  2. Kendal on April 13, 2015 at 9:32 pm

    Cosplay/costume making is a good one, and can stay pretty cheap if you do it right. There’s a million tutorials online about how to make just about any costume, for just about any budget, and it makes going to conventions so much more fun.

    • MB on April 14, 2015 at 11:18 am

      Ooo that’s a good one! Should I ever need to justify cosplay and/or attending conventions I can say it’s exercise 😉 My friends also LARP which can also be very active.

  3. Drew Camp on April 13, 2015 at 7:51 pm

    Related to Letterboxing: Geocaching!
    Basically the same thing, but with GPS. A whole ton of fun with the family.

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