10 Differences Between The Walking Dead Novel and Show

Though there are hundreds of differences between the graphic novel and the television show The Walking Dead, here are a few up unto the current story line of the TV series.

*Warning, some spoilers may be ahead*

Tyrese camp


1. Novel: Tyreese is introduced from the point that Rick finds the camp outside of Atlanta. Show: He discovers the prison after the group has established themselves there.

Carol suicide

2. Novel: Carol is more similar to Andrea’s character in the show. She also is a bit crazy and commits suicide by feeding herself to a chained-up walker.

sofia maggiesophia zombie

3. Novel: Sofia lives through the farm and the prison and is adopted by Maggie and Glenn when Carol kills herself. Show she is lost in the woods and later discovered in Hershel’s barn as a walker.

rick missing hand

4. Novel: Rick loses his hand to the governor.

daryl merletdog beth

5. Novel: There is no T-Dog , Beth, Daryl or Merle.

lorie judith

6. Novel: Lorie and Judith die during the Governor’s assault on the prison.

dale no leg

7. Novel: Dale loses his leg and has a prosthetic made for it, Hershel dies.

tyrese governor

8. Novel: Tyreese is killed by the Governor in front of Rick and his group at the prison instead of Hershel.

Mika_and_Lizziebilly and brother

9. Show: Lizzie and sister are played by two brothers, one who is psychotic and experiments on the rats, also killing his little brother. Carl takes it upon himself to kill the crazy boy.


10. Novel: Michonne is extremely promiscuous in the novels and is the cause of Carol losing her sanity.

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