Review – Oh My Brain

Save your brains from the raving animals!



Designer Bruno Cathala, Théo Rivière

Artist Olivier Derouetteau

Publisher 25th Century Games

Category Family-Friendly Card Game

Length 10-20min

Release Date 2021

Player Count 2-5

Protect your brains from silly zombie animals during a camp-out. Oh My Brain offers familiar, family-friendly gameplay with a fun theme fit for Halloween. Is this candy worth knocking on the door for, or is it better left unwrapped? 


To begin, each player will have 3 cards in their cemetery and 6 cards in their hand. The goal of the game is to play cards from your hand in order to protect your 9 brains (lives). If you ever can’t play a card, a zombie animal eats 1 of your brains and you have to draw 2 additional cards, 1 of which is put in your cemetery. When someone loses all their brains, the game ends, and the winner is the player with the most brains! 

In order to play a card, it must be higher than the card currently on top of the campfire. Occasionally, you’ll have multiple copies of the same card that you can play. Say there’s a 5 on the pile and you have 2 9s, you can play both 9s: one will go on the campfire, and you can place the other one in another player’s cemetery. 

Cemeteries are important because if you ever get below 3 cards in your hand, you’ll pick cards from your cemetery to replenish your hand. When a player plays all of the cards in their hand and cemetery, the round ends, and every other player then loses a brain for each card remaining in their hand and cemetery. Oh My Brain is simple to play, and anyone familiar with Karma King will pick it up in a wink. 

There’s not much strategy here beyond what cards to play when and whose cemetery to put your doubles or triples in. That ability provides a helpful catch-up mechanism, but it can be difficult to catch up round to round because even if you make someone lose all their brains, you’re not guaranteed the win because someone else may have more brains than you. Unlike in other games of this vein, the campfire (play pile) gets cleared if someone can’t play on it, which keeps the game moving. 

The components are very fun. The box packaging is impressive, the art is simple and silly and Halloweeny, and the rules are straightforward. The wooden dice you get to roll when you play certain cards has intuitive icons, and the box works as a nice little dice tray. 

Oh My Brain works well as a light, family-friendly card game. It’s easy to teach, and while strategic depth is lacking, as is often the case with these types of games, the fun comes in with the art, theme, and gameplay of trying to protect your brains! Check it out if you’re looking for a Halloween-themed family-friendly game. 

25th Century Games kindly provided a review copy. 

The Bottom Line

Oh My Brain works well as a light, family-friendly card game.



Author: Spencer Patterson

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