Review – Dandelions

Do you ever feel / like a fluffy dandelion / drifting through the wind?

Dandelions box


Designer Takashi Sakaue

Artist Anca Gavril, Daniel Profiri


Category Abstract Filler

Length 10-20min

Release Date 2022

Player Count 2-3

In Dandelions, players will control 10 dandelion seeds (in the form of dice) and watch them float around the 5-space circle, hopping over players, and landing in prime locations to score points. Does this dandelion provide the sweet nectar board gamers are looking for, or is it better left for lesser bees?


To begin, each player will place their dandelion marker on the correct space and roll the 10 dice of their color. Players will then take turns playing a dice and moving their marker. Each time you play a dice, you’ll move your marker that many spaces and then place the dice on the region you landed on. If you land on another player’s marker, you can float?? That many spaces, essentially doubling your dice roll. 

There are 2 ways to score, and they all happen after everyone has taken their 10 turns (used their 10 dice). Firstly, whoever has the most dice in each region scores according to the sum of their dice (so if someone has a 1, 2, and 4 in the region and they have the most dice their they would score 7 points). Secondly, each player scores points according to the product of their dice in each region and the region’s value (so if someone has 2 dice on the 3-value region they would score 6 points). 

Designer Takashi Sakaue did a great job building in some strategic depth with the 2-score system. Dandelions is a simple game, but players will be ask questions like: Should I put all my dice in an uncontested region and score big that way? Should I go for the 8 and 5-value region only? Or, when I have a bunch of low-value dice heads, should I rush around the regions so I can land on the re-roll all dice space? 

The components are very good, and while the dice feel a little too light, they are smaller than standard dice so it’s excusable. The compact box fits the thick region tiles and everything else well. The instructions are short and straightforward. The dry-erase scoring board is incredibly helpful, not only for end-game scoring, but also for teaching people how the scoring system works. My only critique is that the 2-player game isn’t as exciting as the 3-player game, which feels odd for a game that’s only for 2 or 3 players.

Dandelions is a very solid filler game with a well-executed theme. The only thing not family-friendly about it is that it’s only 2-3 players. (Asmodee North America) kindly provided a review copy. 

The Bottom Line

Dandelions is a very solid filler game with a well-executed theme.



Author: Spencer Patterson

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