Review – Turning the Tides – Expansion for Sorcerer’s Arena

Tentacles, Stitches, and Surfing?

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Designer Sean Fletcher

Artist N/A

Publisher The Op

Category Expansion

Length 20-45min

Release Date 2022

Player Count 2-4

Davy Jones, Moana, and Stitch join the fray in this expansion for Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances! Do they add something new to the game, or is this a different-skin, same-character expansion? 


Turning the Tide introduces 1 new main character type: oceanic. All 3 characters here share this trait. 

Moana’s main ability allows her to place a water hex down on the area, which she can move through for free once. This is helpful at the beginning of the game because she can almost always get to 1 of the 3 VP-generating hexes. Stitch, the least impressive of the 3, has a bunch of random abilities that grant him bonuses, but they’re largely dependent on factors uncontrollable by the player. So, in a way, Stitch’s randomness is reminiscent of his actual character, but in a game that already lacks choices, it’s frustrating to have more choices taken away. 

Davy Jones is the star of the show here. He is intended to operate as a leader of whatever team he’s on, dishing out cursed modifiers to opponents, allies, and even himself! He has a lot of cards that grant him and his allies bonuses for being cursed, and a decent number of his attacks do increased damage to cursed opponent fighters. What’s so intriguing about him is that a fighter who starts their turn with a cursed modifier receives a damage, but any time Davy Jones’s cursed allies deal a damage to an enemy, he recovers 1 health. So Davy Jones offers this intriguing puzzle of maximization as Master Summoners try to determine when it’s safe to curse allies in order to heal Davy Jones and maximize damage. 

Turning the Tides is a mixed bag. Moana is fun, especially with her ocean hexes; Stitch is frustratingly random, though his few ranged attacks make up for some of the choice-deficiency; and Davy Jones is a tantalizing puzzle of self-harm, healing, and slow-burn damage output. Moreover, these 3 characters do make a great ocean-themed team, though I would swap Stitch out for someone more controllable, like Maleficent. 

If you enjoy these characters, Turning the Tides could be a solid expansion to pick up. It doesn’t fix the choice-deficiency Epic Alliances suffers from, but it does offer up some intriguing characters. 

Review copy kindly provided by The Op. 

The Bottom Line

A solid expansion for the Sorcerer's Arena line with some interesting characters.



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