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Length 30 minutes - 1 hour for veterans. 2 hours for beginners.

Release Date 2016

Image result for star wars destinyPublisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Category: Collectible Dice Card Game, Star Wars
Player Count: 2
Price: $29.99 for 2-player starter set, $2.99 for booster pack, $14.95 for single player starter set


Star Wars: Destiny is a collectible dice card game published by Fantasy Flight Games back in November, 2016. The 2-player starter set featuring Rey and Kylo Ren has been very popular since its launch alongside booster packs in 2017. In early January of 2018 the Legacies expansion came into market hoping to capture both new and veteran players.

Content Review

This is a game based on the theme of the Star Wars universe, which is family friendly and very fun to play.

Full Review

If you are a Star Wars fan, I am sure that you will recognize every character, ability, weapon, and location. If you are not familiar with the lore of Star Wars, this game definitely will help you get to know it fast. Unlike other collectible card games, Star Wars: Destiny adds in the randomness of dice, which not only allows each game to play and feel a little more unique, but also increase the replay value of the game.

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The the game offers various buying options for starter sets. The most cost-effective choice is to buy a 2-player starter set, which comes with hero and villain decks, including 23 cards per deck along with 8 dice. The decks are much more balanced than in the single player starter set, if you are thinking to get into the game. However, in order to make a complete deck, you need 30 cards instead of 23. The most annoying part is that, besides adding more cards, you have to find another hero or villain dice to make your whole starter deck playable against other players. Having said that, in order to activate your ability to play the game with a fully functioned deck, you have to buy the 2-player starter set twice! Yes, you read that right—and that will cost you $60 in total. The Legacies expansion does not offer the 2-player starter set, so if you want the new hero deck of Luke Skywalker or new villain deck of Boba Fett, you have to purchase the single-player starter set.

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Well, we all know that starter decks are decent, but rarely competitive against customized ones. This might inspire you to get some booster packs for customization. At many retail stores you can pick up one booster pack for about three to four dollars, with each pack containing 1 related dice and 5 random cards. The chance of getting a legendary card is very low, and you can’t control how many hero or villain cards you will get from each pack. To put it plainly: it is a random loot box, and you will never know what you are getting. Is it worth the money you put into the booster pack? Maybe, and maybe not. Getting them through Amazon may be more effective than just hoping to get what you want through buying numerous booster packs.

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This game is easy to learn and hard to master. Game mechanics are simple: roll your dice and play your card. There are several card types to mention:

  • Character cards are the ones with major Star Wars characters.
  • Support cards are the ones with supportive functions.
  • Event cards are like instant cards, playing as protection, confusion or distraction.
  • Upgrade cards are the ones helping your characters with new abilities or weapons.

Within the limited number of 30 cards in a complete deck, it is very important to balance your strength of offense and defense while making it suitable to your gameplay style.

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With the Legacies expansion released, just like other collective card games, it adds in new key elements which allow characters to have new actions and powers. If you are a competitive player, very soon you will find out the previous starter set cards need to be upgraded for the adaptation for new updates. Therefore, the cycle continues: more packs, more cards, more customization, more improvement, and more money. I’ll be honest: Star Wars: Destiny is an expensive game to get into, even though it is very fun and family friendly. How much money you are going to spend will heavily depends on how serious that you play this game. For casual players, perhaps the single-player or 2-player starter set will be enough for a good family game night. For more competitive card gamers, buying a 2-player starter set twice will be a better choice to have a complete deck against others. For serious collectors, more money will likely be spent on booster packs, customization, and keeping updated with the latest expansions.

Star Wars: Destiny is absolutely a great game to play with friends, but it may not be financially friendly for everyone who wants to get into the game. Be wise on how much you want to invest, and think ahead on how deep you desire to get involved before you start buying any of the products. If you are already playing the game, I recommend checking yourself consistently on both motives and financial resources before spending more than you should or you could afford.

The Bottom Line

Easy to get into, hard to master, and expensive to keep up. Be wise, and make sure you know how much you are willing to invest. Never spend more than you should or more than you could afford.



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