Review – Sidekick 100+ XL Convertible

Protect your cards with Gamegenic's fun, magnetic cardholding. box!

Do you have some cards that just float around your game closet in a Ziploc bag? Are you tired of using rubber bands to hold cards and inevitably losing those rubber bands when your immature fellow players shoot them at each other? Are your card sleeves thicker than Uncle Bill after Thanksgiving dinner? Gamegenic has the solution for you with their line of card storage containers. 


Instead of writing a short story about how my family dog likes to chew on loose cards, I’ll jump right into the review. This is a product, not a board game, so here’s some pictures followed by some pros and cons: 


  • Nice texture on the inside (microfiber) and outside (nexofyber). 
  • Very sturdy and durable. 
  • Looks aren’t everything, but it does look cool. 
  • The magnets are very strong and will support the box even when it’s loaded with cards. The strong magnets will also ensure the box lid doesn’t fly off if you rage-slam the box into the ground. 
  • Plenty of room for 100+ cards with even the thickest of sleeves. For reference, you could almost fit 2 full sets of Star Realms in here. 
  • Able to mix and max boxes and lids for a customizable look. 
  • Bonus Gonk Droid mode. 


  • Only fits standard-sized cards. 
  • A divider or 2 may have been nice, but certainly not necessary. 
  • $19.99 price tag may be too steep for some. 

If you’re looking for a fun, durable storage container, I would definitely recommend Gamegenic’s Sidekick. 

Gamegenic (Asmodee North America) kindly provided a review copy.

Spencer Patterson

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