Review – Q-Less

Crosswords + Dice = Quick, Big Fun

qless box


Designer Tom Sturdevant

Artist N/A

Publisher Tom Sturdevant

Category Word Games, Solo Games

Length 1-10min

Release Date 2018

Player Count 1

How about this: a daily crossword where you’re given the letters? And what if those letters come in the form of dice so you can play as many times as you want without using any paper? That’s what Tom Sturdevant’s Q-Less offers players. 


Q-Less is a simple game: Roll the 12 dice and create a crossword using the letters you rolled. Its name comes from the 1 letter mercifully missing from all the dice faces. Q-Less provides an enjoyable challenge, and even when it’s frustrating, the frustration is only temporary. Solving the crossword often requires multiple tries and figuring out which starting word will set you up for success. 

Tom Sturdevant put a lot of thought into exactly which letter should go on which dice. The variability is wonderful because it’s not like there’s 2 or 3 dice with vowels and 10 or 9 with consonants. Sometimes, you’ll only get 2 vowels; other times, you’ll get 3 or 4. The variability is high, so you can easily sit down and play a couple games a day without any of them feeling similar. 

Because it’s completely randomized, not all of the combinations in Q-Less are solvable, but unsolvable rolls are so rare it’s almost not worth mentioning as a critique. The components are good as well: the tin can holds all the dice snug and the dice themselves are of good weight.  

I recommend Q-Less to any current or aspiring logophiles out there. The price is reasonable, and if you need more convincing, the story behind Q-Less is wonderful. I’ll be stuffing this game into a few stockings this year, and it gets my official vote for “Best game to play while eating cereal.”

You can check out the story behind Q-Less and purchase a copy for yourself here

Tom Sturdevant kindly provided a review copy. 

The Bottom Line

A well-designed word game able to withstand many, many hours of enjoyment.



Spencer Patterson

I'm a teacher, writer, and board game reviewer. I especially love board games that pull me in like a good book. My wife is my favorite gaming partner. Twitter: @spencerspen_sir