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Designer: Marie Fort, Nathalie Saunier, Rémi Saunier, Wilfried Fort
Artist: N/A
Publisher: Blue Orange Games
Category: Dexterity, Real-time
Players: 2-4

Fishing Day is a silly dexterity game for families. Using a “fishing pole” with a wooden ring on the end, players attempt to catch certain types of items from a central “pond,” set into the game box itself. It is hysterically fun for all ages.


Right out of the box, Fishing Day looks like fun. This dexterity game is all about catching fish, frogs, and the occasional old boot with a fishing line.

The game comes with a cool, sunken-plastic “pond” insert which rests in the box, acting as the main play area. Inside the pond are placed a number of colored pieces.

Each player receives a “fishing pole” in their color, in actuality a string with a wooden bead on one end and a wooden ring on the other.

Each round, a card is drawn that tells players which pieces they will try to catch. These cards can have 3 different types of instructions:

  • Catch pieces of X color and pieces of Y shape (e.g. catch blue pieces and boots)
  • Catch any pieces except those of X color or Y shape (e.g. catch anything except green pieces or fish)
  • Catch specific pieces (e.g. purple boot, green fish, etc.)

Then, players engage in a real-time fishing frenzy!

As players fish, they must always hold their lines by the wooden bead on the end. At any time after catching the first piece, a player can catch the duck, which ends the round. At this time, whoever has caught the most “correct” items wins the round and earns a point. In case of a tie, the player who caught the duck chooses who wins the round. A player who has caught something not shown on the card (excluding the duck) cannot win the round.

The first player to 5 points wins the game!

To me, the best kids’ games are the ones that are just as enjoyable for a 4-year old as they are for a 40-year old. Fishing Day is one of these games. It seemingly defies age, providing a laugh-out-loud experience for anyone and everyone. My all-adult game group had a blast with it, and honestly, even just watching this game as a spectator is amusing.

The gameplay is extremely frenetic, which only adds to the hilarity. It’s possible to catch multiple items at once, but it’s not easy. Players always need to keep an eye on what their opponents are catching, so they know the relative “score” of the round, and thus when to catch the duck to end it.

Fishing Day has an attractive physicality, from the plastic pond board to to the wooden meeples and fishing lines. Like most titles from this publisher, it looks and feels great, with a high “toy factor.”

This game follows Blue Orange’s classic system of “flip a card and race to do what it says.” If you enjoy games like Dr. Eureka, Tricky Trunks, Top That, etc., you’ll be sure to enjoy this one too. I had a ton of fun with this game, and I highly recommend it.

A review copy was provided by Blue Orange Games.

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Author: Stephen Hall

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