Review – Dixit (2021)

Give the picture-perfect hint and score points!

Dixit box


Designer Jean-Louis Roubira

Artist Marie Cardouat

Publisher Libbelud

Category Family Party Game

Length 30-45min

Release Date 2021

Player Count 3-8

Dixit is Libbelud’s award-winning picture-guessing game. It’s become something of an empire, with 8 sets and expansions to the base game. 


In Dixit, each player receives 6 cards and a voting dial. Each card has a vibrant picture that lends itself to multiple interpretations on it. When it’s your turn, you’ll pick 1 of your cards, put it face down in front of you, and say a word or phrase that pertains to that card. Every other player will choose a card from their hand with a picture that they think matches the word or phrase that you said. Once you collect everyone else’s cards, you’ll shuffle them up and reveal them.

Once all the cards are revealed and placed next to numbers, all players (except for you because it’s your turn) will turn their dials to the number corresponding to the card they think best represents the word or phrase you said. If players guess your card correctly, you both get points. If players have other people guess their card, they also get points. The game continues until someone has scored 30 points. The points are tracked by colored rabbits that move along the game board. 

Dixit provides a fun social playground as you try to figure out what word or phrase best matches your own card. However, you don’t want everyone to correctly guess your card because then you won’t score any points. And yet, you don’t want to give too broad of a hint because someone else might have a card that perfectly matches what you said, and then they’ll take all your points! It’s an exciting combination of reading other players and coming up with the right word or phrase that’s not too specific.

The components are good, the art is vibrant and perfect for a game like this, and the board and rabbit movers are cute. I wish that there were more than 84 cards, and I believe there actually should be more cards (we had to reshuffle in a 6-player game). Reshuffling in a game like this is a turn-off. I get that Libbelud is trying to get me to buy expansions, but at least give me enough cards in the base game to play correctly. 

Dixit has a simple, engaging premise. The use of voting dials is brilliant so you can’t just copy your dictionary-for-brain friend. Dixit does keep the door open for players who try to win by using obscure references that only a few people at the table know. This strategy can backfire because everyone else also picks a card that they think matches the person’s phrase, so there’s some built-in balancing here. 

If you’re looking for an engaging, visual, guessing party game for 5+ players (it’s not worth playing at 3-4), Dixit fits the bill. Stella: Dixit Universe is my preferred way of playing Dixit because there’s more going on in those cards and there’s strategy beyond just trying to guess correctly, but the original Dixit is more accessible and still a wonderful time. 

The Bottom Line

Despite only including 84 cards, Dixit provides a fun, visual party game experience.



Author: Spencer Patterson

I'm a teacher, writer, and board game reviewer. I especially love board games that pull me in like a good book. My wife is my favorite gaming partner.