Review – Arkham Horror The Card Game: The Forgotten Age Campaign Expansion

Welcome to the Jungle, you're gonna die...



Designer MJ Newman

Artist Cristi Balanescu & others

Publisher Fantasy Flight Games

Category Card Game Expansion

Length 45 min per player each scenario

Release Date 2023

Player Count 1-4

The Forgotten Age Campaign Expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game (AH:TCG hereafter) takes the players deep into the jungle, back to Arkham, and beyond in an 8-scenario storyline that can be played as one continuing story or as different standalone adventures. Most of them however, are easier if played as one story, as any bonuses or leftover supplies carry over – but ill effects such as poison will too. So is it a trip you’ll want to embark on, or should you have stayed home? Read on for the review!

Content Guide

Players face many of the same enemies and problems as with other Arkham Horror products; cards may feature enemy agents, monsters, anomalies, blood and gore, and creatures with too many limbs and or tentacles. Also present were many serpent-themed enemies, snakes, and otherworldly beings that may or may not have the protagonist’s best interests at heart. 


Like many of the other AH:TCG expansions, The Forgotten Age has a simple enough setup: an old acquaintance has a job for you that takes you on an expedition south of the border, into the wild, unknown jungles of South America. It quickly goes off the rails (as one might expect), but a good portion of the scenarios don’t take place in the jungle, which surprised me. Also there are a few new mechanics in this expansion, such as Supplies, Vengeance, Explore, and Alert. Supplies make you choose certain things to take with you, each one costing you 1-3 points. How many points of supplies you get to take depends on the number of players, with more players equaling more points to spend on supplies. Later in the game, you’ll come across hazards or problems in-between scenarios that can easily be solved if you have the right supplies. If not, you’ll either miss out on opportunities or suffer dire consequences. 

The different scenario decks. Yes, they were opened after the picture.

Vengeance is a lot like Victory, but it works against the adventurers. Many enemies grow stronger the more Vengeance that you have in your play area, usually from defeated foes. On a related note, the scenarios will ask you to track Yig’s Fury – and without giving away too much, let’s just say the less mad an elder god is at you, the better. Explore abilities let you draw the top card off the exploration deck, which is a separate deck from the Encounters. Successful exploration sees players adding new locations to put into play, whereas unsuccessful attempts will be hazards similar to the Encounter deck. Enemies with the Alert keyword will attack investigators who fail an evade test in their area, even if they aren’t engaged with the evading adventurer. 

Setup for the first scenario.

I had fun with The Forgotten Age, but also found it to be quite daunting. My investigator nearly went insane and dead from injuries in the first scenario alone. Players will need to make sure they get rid of status effects quickly as some (such as Poison) will make many different card effects harder or more deadly. There were also some interesting new setups to get players to split their attention and even have the possibility of multiple outcomes depending on the player’s choices. There’s even a “Do Not Open Until Instructed” sleeve, which I think most players won’t end up opening on their first playthrough. 

An example of supplies coming into play at a location.

While it doesn’t dethrone my favorite expansion for AH:TCG (Still Edge of the Earth), I like the new and things they did with The Forgotten Age. It takes the setup of a well-known trope – venturing into the dangerous jungle and finding the unknown – and then takes a hard left into Cthulhuville. After Edge of the Earth, this expansion would be my best suggestion for someone looking for something new for their Arkham Horror game nights. 

A review copy was provided by the publisher.  

The Bottom Line

The Forgotten Age takes the setup of a well-known trope - venturing into the dangerous jungle and finding the unknown - and then takes a hard left into Cthulhuville.



Author: Andrew Borck

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