Review – Arkham Horror The Card Game: Fortune and Folly Expansion

Know when to hold ‘em, when to fold ‘em, and when to run from the Dimensional Shambler…



Designer Ian Martin with MJ Newman

Artist Borja Pindado & others

Publisher Fantasy Flight Games

Category Card Game Expansion

Length 1-2 hours

Release Date 2023

Player Count 1-4

Fortune and Folly is a small expansion (Scenario Pack) to Arkham Horror: The Card Game that can work as either a side-story connected to the Scarlet Keys Campaign or a standalone 2-part story. The players are tasked with a daring heist to stop a cult that’s using an arcane object to manipulate odds in their favor at a casino in Monte Carlo. You know, totally normal stuff for a Wednesday outside Arkham. This smaller expansion has what is essentially 2 scenarios (versus the big-box campaign expansions that usually have 8). So is it worth a roll of the dice, or should you have quit while you’re ahead? Read on for the review!

Content Guide

Players will battle possessed humans, cultists, monsters with too many eyes/tentacles/teeth, and psychic forces trying to worm their way into your investigator’s head. Many of the enemy cards just feature pictures of the enemy, but occasionally there is some blood.


Heist time! Fortune and Folly is broken up into 2 parts, each one will take about an hour (possibly more if things go sideways) and divide the action between the stakeout in part 1 and the actual heist in part 2. Players will have to deal with patrolling enemies, as well as managing their Alarm Level, or basically how suspicious they currently seem to the staff. Also, players will have the chance to add several powerful cards to their deck from a powerful lounge singer to a couple different arcane items. 

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Fortune and Folly. Based on its small size, I misguidedly assumed it wouldn’t have much to offer, but I’m glad I was off-base. This would make a great side-story, one-off, or even a post-core set introduction to the AH:TCG gameplay because the otherworldly and monstrous enemies don’t show up until the second part of the scenario. It really makes it feel like the game was ramping up when the set-aside baddies all got shuffled in during the setup for part 2. 

Speaking of setup, the simple Location placement hides what is actually a thought-provoking scenario. Players move from location to location trying to achieve a checklist of possible things to do all while avoiding guards constantly patrolling and looking for trouble. The second half of the scenario adds another section of the casino that is employees only, making it easier to get into trouble. Also, depending on what you were able to do in the first half, the second might be much easier if you managed to check off certain items. I did not expect this level of carryover or continuity for a smaller campaign package. 

Overall I was happily surprised with what Fortune and Folly had to offer, and I enjoyed the heist themed gameplay. Especially in the second half, when things started to hit the fan – that’s when it really felt like a heist movie, where everyone’s trying to stick to the plan despite almost everything going wrong. If you want a great standalone side-story, or want to add to your Scarlet Keys Campaign, I would highly suggest checking out Fortune and Folly

A review copy was provided by the publisher. 

The Bottom Line

Feels like a Miskatonic Heist movie, and packs plenty of punch in a small package.



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