Review – Heat: Heavy Rain

By Spencer Patterson | July 17, 2024

The instant-classic Heat: Pedal to the Metal had all the makings of a game that would receive an expansion: award-winning gameplay, accessible to new players, on-theme excitement, and the fact that the plastic insert left room for two additional cars. Is Heat: Heavy Rain a worthy upgrade, or should it have been left in the garage?

Review – Wyrmspan

By Spencer Patterson | July 13, 2024

Wyrmspan is the dragon-themed follow-up to the award-winning Wingspan. Entice dragons, excavate and explore caves, and lay eggs to score points. Does it soar like Wingspan, or should it have stayed in its cave? 


By Shelley Waltar | July 11, 2024
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In a year full of Metroidvanias like Prince of Persia and Hades II, can Animal Well from BIGMODE stand out among the crowd?

Review – Star Wars: Unlimited – Spark of Rebellion

By Spencer Patterson | July 11, 2024

The Star Wars version of Magic: The Gathering hopes to be a streamlined, intuitive, and faithful version of the longtime card game giant. While the core gameplay mechanics are solid, does Star Wars: Unlimited feel like Star Wars, or does it feel like Magic: The Gathering with a Star Wars skin?  Review Star Wars: Unlimited…

Review – The Exorcism

By Juliana Purnell | July 9, 2024
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Not to be confused with The Pope’s Exorcist, where Russell Crowe plays a priest that needs to perform an exorcism, in The Exorcism, Russell Crowe plays an actor that needs to play a priest that performs an exorcism. See the difference?

Dark-haired teen boy looks sadly at the viewer

Review — She Likes Gays but Not Me, Vol. 1

By Courtney Floyd | July 9, 2024
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She Likes Gays but Not Me deals with topics like homophobia, pedophilia, and suicide with sensitivity and tact.

Review – Through the Desert

By Stephen Hall | July 7, 2024

First released in 1998, Reiner Knizia’s class Through the Desert returns in a new edition from Allplay. Let’s check it out!