Review – Dark Pictures: House of Ashes

By Logan Smiley | April 12, 2024

Dark Pictures: House of Ashes is the third title in the Dark Pictures Anthology series and seeks to continue the Supermassive Games trademark of memorable characters and gripping stories. House of Ashes takes many of the best elements from previous games and hones them even more to offer a satisfying experience.

Review – Donuts

By Derek Thompson | April 9, 2024

Donuts is a re-theming of INSERT, a two-player abstract game from legendary board game designer Bruno Cathala.

Review – Outcast: A New Beginning

By Joe Morgan | April 8, 2024
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Cutter Slade unexpectedly returns to the planet of Adelpha years after his first adventure there ended.

Review – Crash Team Rumble

By Johnathan Floyd | April 5, 2024
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This new Crash game has an interesting game mode, a battle pass, and characters that no other Crash game has. Is it good?

Boom, Bust, or Meh – April 2024

By Juliana Purnell | April 2, 2024
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In April’s edition of Boom, Bust, or Meh, one of GUG’s film critics selects five upcoming wide theatrical releases and wildly judges their success on their trailers.

Every Shrine Name in “Tears of the Kingdom,” Explained

By Wesley Lantz | April 1, 2024

Wesley Lantz and David Koury give you a detailed breakdown of all of Tears of the Kingdom’s 152 shrine names!

Review – Assassin’s Creed: Mirage

By Johnathan Floyd | March 29, 2024
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This is no illusion, Mirage is here. Baghdad awaits, and the Order of the Ancients is still at it, corrupting every corner of the world. Can Basim succeed?