Jonathan’s Favourite Game Of All Time: Metal Gear Solid 2

By Jonathan Klassen | May 27, 2014

It’s 1998 and I am in High School.  I hadn’t played video games since the Sega Genesis.  My friend invited me over to his place to play this game that he had been raving about for the last few weeks.  This game happened to be Metal Gear Solid for the PSOne.  This is that game…

Wii U First Impressions

By Wesley Wood | May 23, 2014

  First off, let me give you my perspective as to why I spent my hard earned dollars on a Wii U… Well here you go. At the present time, I own a PS4, Gamecube, and N64. Back when it was released, I bought a Wii. After a year and a half, I was simply…

Retro Review: Romance of the Three Kingdoms (NES)

By Steve Schoen | May 21, 2014
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Content Warning: Descriptions of violence, inequitable treatment of women   Story Step into 2nd century China, near the end of the Han Dynasty. The Yellow Turban Rebellion left the Han court in shambles, a shadow of its former self. The Ten Eunuchs, a corrupt cabal of ministers had funneled all of the political influence of the emperor…

Retro Review: Faxanadu (NES)

By Steve Schoen | May 20, 2014
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Content Warning: Fantasy violence, use of magic Story You are an adventurer, returning from your latest excursion to find your hometown of Eolis, capital of the Elf Kingdom, in a sorry state. There are few people around, no guards, and the walls are crumbling. The Elf Kingdom, which sits at the base of the World…

Retro Review: Shadowgate (NES)

By Steve Schoen | May 17, 2014
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Content Warning: Horror themes, descriptions of blood & gore, references to pagan lore, use of magical spells “The last thing that you remember is standing before the wizard Lakmir as he waved his hands. Now you find yourself staring at an entryway which lies at the edge of a forest.”

What Can Save the Wii U?

By Francis King Jr | May 16, 2014
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The Wii U has not been doing well. By all accounts, Nintendo’s attempt to recapture the lightning in a bottle that was the success of the Wii has fallen flat. Nintendo recently announced its third consecutive operating loss, coming in at $457 million. According to IGN, the Wii U sold 2.7 million units in the past…

Review: Tiny Brains

By Drew Koehler | May 16, 2014
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A mad scientist has been running experiments on animals to the point where they have gained special abilities. They are being forced through puzzles against their will. This game is a puzzler. You control 4 characters that have special abilities. Each character is essential in solving the puzzles.  One character can teleport, one can pull…