A Third Party Company Announces The “SteamBoy”.

By Josh Morris | June 16, 2014

Last week, one of the biggest conferences for gamers, E3, was held in LA. Many games were shown, and excitement grew in the gaming community. On the 3rd and final day of E3, the attendees were in for a surprise. The SteamBoy was shown off in a 43 second trailer. Even though the trailer didn’t…

10 Things I Need to Know About Game of Thrones

By Drew Koehler | June 16, 2014

Last night marked the end of Game of Thrones Season 4. A lot of questions were answered and as always many were asked for the very first time. I’m not a “Thrones-Hipster” so I haven’t read the books and I don’t know what is supposed to happen. Here is what the non-hipsters are pondering.  …

Review – Walk of Shame

By Drew Koehler | June 15, 2014
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Walk of Shame places the main character through a slew of misfortune in this comedic film.

See Something Wrong? Say Something!

By Drew Koehler | June 14, 2014

We are still in beta phase, so there are lots of things we need to fix.  Sign up, go to the forum and post issues you have run across on the site.

Are Christian Movies Hurting Christianity?

By Drew Koehler | June 14, 2014
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With the upcoming release of A Matter of Faith, we wonder whether Christian films are helpful in spreading the Gospel of Christ.

Do Graphics Matter?

By Wesley Wood | June 14, 2014
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TThis question is a common debate among gamers. Some will defend to the death that graphics do not matter and that it is all about gameplay. After all just look at the SNES and Genesis era when games would astound you with story and gameplay while graphics took a back seat in many cases. However,…

Review: Z-Run

By Thomas Martin | June 14, 2014
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Content Warning Blood, Violence This is a zombie game, so this content is expected. There is no foul language or sexual situations. The violence in the game consists mostly of the players kicking zombies, causing those zombies to fly comically into the air. There is blood that covers the screen throughout the stage, but it…