Watch the Dracula: Untold Trailer

By Francis King Jr | July 8, 2014
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Universal Pictures has dropped the first trailer for Dracula: Untold, an origin story for the famous vampire. The movie stars Luke Evans, who recently appeared as Bard in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.   

Review: Hajime No Ippo Season 1

By Josh Mors | July 7, 2014

Episodes: 75 Rating: PG-13 or older Aired:: October 20, 2000 to March 27, 2002 Producers: Madhouse, VAP, Geneon Universal Entertainment Where to watch: Story: “Makunouchi Ippo has been bullied his entire life. Constantly running errands and being beaten up by his classmates, Ippo has always dreamed of changing himself, but never has the passion to act…

Retro Review: Pikmin (GC)

By Casey Covel | July 6, 2014
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Developer: Nintendo EAD Publisher: Nintendo Platform(s): Gamecube Price: $90.00 (new), $15.00 (used) Release date: December 3, 2001 What is a Pikmin? Think of it as a small, ant-like creature that walks on its hind legs and has a plant sprouting out of its head. It grows in the ground, but can be plucked out like…

Cyber Bullying: How To Respond In A Christian Way

By Drew Koehler | July 6, 2014

Hello everyone! I’m finally back after a few weeks “break” (I had a lot of exams to do), we’ve got a new website (and it is awesome), we’re covering much more content, so my weekly thoughts won’t be only about games, but we’ll get a wider Christian view of the “Geek” world: today’s article is…

The Best Video Game System Ever

By Wesley Wood | July 5, 2014
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Welcome to another collaboration here on CCG/GUG where us, the writers, get together and tell you our opinions on a certain subject. This week is about the greatest video game system ever. This is based solely off of our opinions and the only rule was we only included consoles, no handhelds allowed. Sorry Game Boy!…

The Lasting Hope – Artist Spotlight

By Wesley Wood | July 4, 2014
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Hello and welcome to a new thing we’re doing here on Geeks Under Grace where we introduce you to artists you probably haven’t heard of. We’ll only be interviewing the best of the best in order to help you add the greatest new music to your playlists. Our first artist is The Lasting Hope–a band…

Video Games 101: The Burning Question

By Cooper D Barham | July 4, 2014

Humor me for a second. Subtly nod your head if a video game has ever made you shout or swear at the screen.  Be honest.  How about angrily throw your hands or controller?  Yes?  No?  Has a video game ever made you laugh?  Facepalm, maybe?  Has one ever made you argue with your friends?  What…