Review: Attack on Titan Part 1 (Ep. 1-13)

By Casey Covel | September 25, 2014
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Director: Tetsurō Araki Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi English publisher: Funimation (USA) Genre: Shonen, dark fantasy, post-apocalyptic Recommended for: Mature teens aged 17+ and adults Release date: June 3, 2014 (DVD release) Price: $30.00-$60.00 Updated 4/17/23: The writer has retracted her opinion on Bryce Papenbrook’s impressions of young Eren Yeager as she now feels it was an…

Retro Review: Lego Star Wars (GameCube)

By Wesley Wood | September 25, 2014
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Content Warning: Lego’s shoot lasers and swing light sabers causing other Lego’s to fall apart when destroyed. Other than that it is squeaky clean. It is crazy to think that the Lego games that we know and love today, all kicked off in 2005. There were many Lego games before this but, Lego Star Wars…

The Top Ten Things Non-Video Gamers Are Tired Of Hearing

By Steve Schoen | September 24, 2014

My previous Top Ten list may have left a bitter taste in the mouth of some people, particularly non-video gamers who do not share my sense of humor. Now, as the proverbial olive branch, I will show that we video gamers are capable of humility. I’m outlining (with more than a little participation from my non-video gamer…

Study Suggests More Religion In Politics (Christian News) 9/24/14

By Cody Armour | September 24, 2014

Should we mix religion and politics? More people seem to think so every day. 100 Christians were arrested in China for going to church. We also of course have an update on ISIS or ISIL or whatever you call that evil now. Welcome to the Christian News Show! Do you believe there should be religion…

Review: Chrono Symphonic

By Michael M. | September 24, 2014
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After writing my review on Chrono Trigger, I thought about doing some kind of post for its amazing soundtrack. I have a lot of remixes from this game created by the talented folks at OCRemix and I used to own the original soundtrack (got the original Japanese one years ago in a store in China Town in…

Two Generations Of Video Gamers

By Michael M. | September 24, 2014

Are you an adult gamer? I find that as I get older I think about the fact that I’m a married man who still loves to spend some of his personal time playing video games. I’ve had people tell me that “video games are for kids, stop playing those things”. That is true, they are for…

Review: The Dark Knight

By Erik Daniel | September 24, 2014
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Content Warning: Menacing Violence and Thematic Material After watching Batman Begins for the first time I was beyond excited to see the second part of Christopher Nolan’s masterful Batman trilogy. I remember, at the end of Batman Begins, seeing Jim Gordon hand Batman a joker playing card and freaking out. Knowing how Christopher Nolan has…