Review – Bad Company

By Stephen Hall | January 20, 2023

Bad Company is a board game about pulling off the perfect heist. Assemble a crew, grab the loot, and make your getaway!

Review – Beyond the Sun

By Spencer Patterson | January 19, 2023

Beyond the Sun utilizes a large choose-your-own tech tree which allows players to explore both systems and technology that are to infinity and beyond. No, that’s not it. The final frontier? No… ah yes, it allows players to explore both systems and technology that are… beyond the sun. 

Review – So, You’ve Been Eaten

By Andrew Borck | January 19, 2023

In the future, Space Miners and hungry giant Beasts face off to see who gets digested or succeeds in mining crystals.

2022 Video Game Highlights

By Michael Mendis | January 14, 2023

2022 boasted some interesting, intriguing, and exciting games! Come check out some of the last year’s highlights, as picked by our staff!

Review – Rattus: Big Box

By Stephen Hall | January 13, 2023

Rattus: Big Box collects much of the content from the 2010 game Rattus in a shiny new version. Let’s check it out!

Review – Willow, Season 1

By Noel Davila | January 13, 2023
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Willow’s use of practical locations, beautiful scenery, stunning production designs, and dynamic cinematography makes suffering from the stale dialogue and mediocre story almost worth it.

Review – Photograph

By Spencer Patterson | January 12, 2023

A re-release of 2016’s Wind the Film!, Photograph seeks to give players an accessible card game in a similar vein as Rummy with more strategy, more colors, and more pictures. Set in 1960s Japan, players will compete to see who can create the best shots!