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Hello and welcome to a new thing we’re doing here on Geeks Under Grace where we introduce you to artists you probably haven’t heard of. We’ll only be interviewing the best of the best in order to help you add the greatest new music to your playlists. Our first artist is The Lasting Hope–a band that comes from good ol’ Southern Indiana. I ran across them while listening to one of their songs on Slacker Radio. At first I thought I was hearing a new Hawk Nelson for the first time. As it turns out, it was actually a new, Christian rock band! Their single “Something New” is catchy, upbeat, and definitely worth a listen. Their lead singer, Logan Oakes, graced Geeks Under Grace (see what I did there?) with his presence and agreed to our intense interrogation.
Geeks Under Grace: Who exactly (band members) is in The Lasting Hope?
Logan Oakes: Well Me (Logan Oakes) on vocals and guitar, Craig Banister on guitar and backup vocals, Josiah Crawley on bass and backup vocals, Eryn West on Drums, and Logan Trowbridge on Keys.
GUG: Why did you pick The Lasting Hope as your band name?
LO: Well, our drummer Eryn and I needed a name for a church lock-in we were leading worship for… I went looking for something to catch my eye in my FCA Bible. I saw a tag on one of the pages that said “Jesus is the lasting hope,” and I thought that sounded pretty cool (laughs).
GUG: How did you all meet and become The Lasting Hope?
LO: Well Eryn and I went to high school together. He was a couple grades below me, but he knew that I played guitar. His youth leader asked us if we could get some guys together to lead worship at their church’s New Year’s Eve lock-in. I had played with Craig in a previous band so I asked him to play guitar as well. We got a couple other guys and decided we wanted to start playing shows. The lineup we had didn’t really stick, other than Craig Eryn and I. A year later, we met Trowbridge and instantly knew we wanted him in the band before we even knew he played piano. He joined up with us and introduced us to his cousin Josiah, who played guitar as well. He fit perfectly in the group and decided to take over bass for us.
GUG: What inspired you guys to play the type of Christian music that you perform? To me it sounds like a mixture of Relient K (my favorite band, by the way) and Hawk Nelson.
LO: (laughs) We actually get that a lot and it makes a lot of sense! My favorite band growing up was Hawk Nelson. Jason Dunn (Hawk Nelson’s former lead singer) was a huge inspiration to me when I first started playing music. We were fortunate enough to get to play a show with Jason Dunn last year. After playing that show, EOS Artist Management (Jason’s management at the time) signed us and things have been moving fast ever since. I would definitely say that is where the Hawk Nelson part comes from. The Relient K feel has to do with a lot of things. I think every kid growing up in church probably had some favorite RK songs. I loved their music from a young age and still do. Relient K is Josiah and Trowbridge’s favorite band. Trowbridge’s piano parts always have a sort of RK feel, probably because of his love for them. We also can’t overlook the fact that we recorded our EP (extended play) with Mark Lee Townsend (former guitarist for DC Talk) who produced five of Relient K’s albums. Mark really pushed us with this EP and we are super happy with it.
GUG: Who writes the lyrics for the band? Also do you ever change a song’s lyrics in live sets?
LO: Josiah and I do the lyric-writing for the band. One of us will come up with a hook or a verse and then we will just bounce ideas off of each other. I don’t think I have changed any lyrics in the set on purpose (laughs).
GUG: Where do you draw your songwriting inspiration from? What is your typical songwriting process?
LO: Well, most of the songs are just about things that kids our age face. I wrote the song “On Your Way” alone though, and it is basically a retelling of the story of the good Samaritan.
GUG: Do you think that online/social media presence is important in order for fans and critics to find your music?
LO: Absolutely! Social media is huge in the music industry. We really try to have a strong connection with fans through networking sites.
GUG: Will you ever record acoustic versions of your music?
LO: I would love to do that! We have had a pretty busy summer so far with touring, but we have some down-time this month so maybe something could happen? Who knows!
GUG: OK, now for the not-so-band-related questions. Our site is for geeks and includes various things such as gaming, movies, TV, anime, etc. Is there any shameless nerdy things you do that no one, or maybe everyone, knows about? I heard rumors that you are pretty awesome at online shooters.
LO: (laughs) Personally, I am not much of a gamer! Josiah, Craig, and Trowbridge would probably have the best gaming chops in the band. I enjoy basically every Lord of the Rings game put out though. I’m a huge LOTR fan.
GUG: If you had to pick one video game, one movie, and one TV show to be stuck with for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?
LO: Video game would be Lord of the Rings: Return of the King for the Ps2. Am I allowed to have the whole LOTR trilogy for my movie? (laughs) If not I will settle for The Two Towers! And for my TV show it would have to be The Office. I’m currently re-watching the entire series for the 4th time.
GUG: Anything you would like to share, from new merchandise, to upcoming shows/tours, or songs/albums?
LO: Well, we are doing some awesome shows in August, including opening up for Toby Mac at Holiday World’s Rock the World on August 23rd. We also have our brand new EP Sunsets & Second Chances available on iTunes right now for $4.95. We would love for everyone to grab a copy of that! Also, check out our Facebook and Twitter because we post about everything we are doing on there!
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  1. Tracy Hougland on July 4, 2014 at 5:17 pm

    Loved this song. The singer is a good friend of my son he is a true godsend. The drummer is a friend as well, what a blessing. Wish them the best of luck.

    • Wesley Wood on July 4, 2014 at 9:42 pm

      It was a blast to find out about them and conduct an interview.

  2. Drew Koehler on July 4, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    Awesome interview! Great sounding band and I really liked their responses.

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