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images (1)Artist: Swoope
Label: Collision Records
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop
Tracks: 1. Sinema; 2. On My Mind (feat. J.R.); 3. TGC 2 (feat. Sho Baraka); 4. #SameTeam (feat. Tedashii, Yaves, Dre Murray, Jgivens, and John Gives); 5. LSD (feat. Christon Gray); 6. Bow Down (feat. Tragic Hero); 7. Best of Me (Natellie Lauren); 8. Right Side; 9. Beauty and the Beast; 10. Before Goodnight; 11. Sin In Me; 12. Fix My Heart
Release Date: August 5, 2014



Sometimes you hear an album and you just don’t know what in the world you just listened to. You hear things, feel things, and imagine things that you never imagined before. This happened to me in 2012 when Swoope released Wake Up. The album caught me off guard. Not saying I wasn’t expecting much from Swoope, but this time he took the way I listened to rap to another level.
In August 2014, he managed to do it again with the release of his album Sinema. Two things might peak your interest. First, say the word “Sinema” out loud. It sounds like “cinema” doesn’t it? Now you probably ask, why use an “S?” That will lead to the second thing: the first three letters in the title spells the word “sin.” Right then and there, Swoope has your attention. Before you can even listen to one second of the album, you are already thinking about how to view it.


Content Guide

This album is filled with some heavy stuff that I wouldn’t really recommend to anybody under the age of thirteen. There are some songs on here that I think any age can enjoy, but because of some of the topics in this album, I would have to suggest that you think twice about letting any of the little ones listen to it on their own.


Album Theme/Cover Art

The theme of this album matches the cover art pretty well. It’s a story about a man and his inner thoughts. The cover reflects that by having a female pictured above the artist’s head. She’s almost literally, on his mind. It might seem like this album isn’t saying anything at all, but personally, I think it’s saying a lot.



The album starts off with Swoope receiving a phone call from “Mya” on the track “Sinema.” He doesn’t answer, and she leaves a heated voicemail for him. Swoope starts off with aggressive bars that could be decoded as him describing a woman, but you could sense that it is something bigger. The album continues to revolve around that theme of a battle between Swoope and Mya. Throughout the album, she continues to leave messages trying to get the attention of Swoope.
The one thing that you notice by looking at the album is the number of features. Seriously, there are a lot of features on this album. Heavy hitters too. The heaviest of those hitters were featured on the unofficial rally cry for all of the Christian Hip-Hop community, “#SameTeam.” Tedashii, Jgivens, John Givez, and Swoope’s label mate Dre Murray accompanied Swoope on a very in your face instrumental that explained the importance of togetherness in the genre. On top of all of that, when the video was shot for this song, it was the remix version and it featured a couple of different artists that weren’t on the original. That just further brings home the point of the song “#SameTeam,”
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Another thing I like about the album was Swoope’s choice on sound. I felt the same way about his previous album. It’s very different. It’s not the normal sound that you get from the popular hip-hop albums, both Christian and secular. That alone puts Swoope in a different category.


Sinema was the album that Swoope needed to release following Wake Up. Wake Up is a classic album in the genre and he had to prove that he could produce music on that level. Just like Wake Up, he stuck to his guns by making another album with a strong theme that he can play around with. The only unfortunate thing for Swoope now, in my opinion, is now he has to keep the momentum going. I won’t put Sinema on the same level as Wake Up, but it is pretty close.
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The Bottom Line

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